Thursday, May 31, 2007

Forecasts for May 29 - June 4

With the Full Moon in Sagittarius this week, prepare for the Truth to be revealed. Somehow, someway, it always bubbles to the surface – but are you being kind or merely shouting your mouth off? It’s a great week to get out of town, try something new and check out the Law of Attraction – could it be true that we attract things based on our beliefs? There’s only one way to find out – believe something different, and see.

Here's the personal scoop for this week!


Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing but YOUR Truth? Full Moon in Sag (May 31)

The Full Moon in Sagittarius this week ( yes it's our second one this May since it's a "Blue Moon" month) is sure to unearth the truth. No I won't use a capital because truth is most often a highly personal thing. Universal Truth is a different thing - we all have a heart, lungs to breathe and so forth. This is indisputable. However, every story has a viewpoint and each storyteller has a bias.

Therefore, truth is really perspective. I guess you could say that speaking from your heart is truly speaking the truth. Everything else is emotional distortion.

Sagittarius is the sign of Religion, Beliefs, Knowledge, Maps, Travel, Culture - these are all fields sure to be intensified this next two weeks. Fancy getting embroiled in a debate over whose belief is right and who is wrong? Be my guest - it's a great week for it. in other words, it's a fantastic time for running around fighting people who don't agree with you.

Stand by your truth. it's that simple. Don't fight it, don't prove it, don't have a need to be right. Just stand by your own, walking-talking personalized version of the truth.

What is right for YOU?

This Full Moon:

Get outside more - sunlight heals, walks freshen your mind and gaining perspective is easier
Finish a book - finally you get to catch up on some personal time
Spit it out - get it off your chest so you can offload your emotional baggage
Annihilate "beliefs" that hinder a healthy life - get your facts straight or find out for yourself
Go horse riding - it's wild, free and fun, and gets you back to Nature
Finalize travel plans to get the heck out of your bubble
Let go of your need to be right or be understood or be heard or be accepted
Stop telling the same stories about the same people and the same dramas

This particular Full Moon is aided by Mars in Aries - so honesty truly is the best policy now - as long as you're not trying to cut someones arm off with it. Speak from your heart, but don't harm. There's NO reason to be bored now - if you are, you're dwelling on old stuff or you're blocking the flow of energy this Full Moon brings us.

The Moon squares the Nodes of Destiny - we're roadblocked until we work out where our truth lies - what do you REALLY want, what do you REALLY believe. Are you a walking self-fulfilling prophesy? Is everyone really out to get you? Does chocolate really give you zits?
We can't progress unless we redefine our stance on certain topics.

Worldwide, we'll get to hear some big stories about shady people and their shady goings-on (as usual but in greater numbers). And perhaps some old stories we'd forgotten about, with a new spin and some information coming to light that we didn't know about the first time around.

And finally, one of my personal "truths" for you - I believe that truth is simple.
Everything else is a scrambled version of truth, because simplicity is truly key to a healthy, happy life.

If it's not simple,
you may be missing the point,
or missing YOUR truth in the matter.


Healing your Eyesight

If you want to do the same thing as I am currently - taking off your glasses or contacts and working through the original issues that caused you to need them - then these books may help you on your journey as they are with me.

Relearning to See has been a great addition to my reading, since it reveals how most eye issues can be brought about by Bad Visual habits - the way we sit at a computer, the way we read.

The book claims that everyone with contacts or glasses or other eye issues have tight necks. It's true in my case, how about you? Massaging your neck and shoulders can help bring more blood to your eyes. So can dietary habits (who eats too much sugar, another potential problem?)

I noticed out the other day that my distance vision is improving and it's exciting. it's less about eye exercises and about changing the daily habits that cause bad vision. I've bumped up my monitor so it's more eye level and I move my neck more and BREATHE more instead of staring when doing close up work, while holding my breath.

What does this have to do with Astrology - well, we're in a Neptune phase as you saw in my last blog, but more so, I am sure many of you have contacts or glasses, and since you're reading this at a computer, it's worth checking to see if you have created bad vision habits for yourself.

It's been SO nice taking off my contacts, annoying yes and I'm working through this, but at the same time I have noticed a vast improvement and confidence, and more sunshine has been a beautiful thing too.


Friday, May 25, 2007

Blurry Boundaries: Neptune goes Retrograde

No, do not adjust your eyes.

Neptune, the planet that blurs, dissolves, and otherwise confuses most practical folk, is going backwards Planet Earth, bathing us all with some much-needed magic, down-time and drifty, dreamy vibes.

It comes at a pretty interesting time - as I try and navigate the blur that is my world without contact lenses. I'm reading some interesting books right now, and learning to wean myself off the "crutches" that prescription lenses are. Some schools of thought have me paying attention right now because they seem to reflect my own - that everything in the body is holographic, and thus holds a message for the well-being of ourselves as a whole.

Is it possible that our eyes could become less astute following a major emotional crisis in our lives? That's one theory I'm currently exploring (did you get glasses or contacts within a year or so of some major emotional experience? And could the left eye receive energy and information (connected to the right-brain of receptive and feminine energy) and the right eye send information and energy out into the world (connected to the left brain logical and masculine hemisphere)? And that imbalances between the two could be related to brain function and our intimate connection with the men and women in our lives (mother and father issues anyone?)

No matter - I am tired of wearing contact lenses and glasses when I'm not wearing lenses, so I've been on a campaign to heal and restore my eyesight, with exercises, spending longer periods without them in (I'm typing this now without any visual aids). I noticed a bad habit of reading and doing most close up work with my contacts IN, which is really not a healthy thing to do, or sleeping with them in. Basically I was spending just about every waking moment with my contacts in.

The books give you exercises - including getting 20 mins of a sunlight a day through closed eyes. As I always felt, we've been taught to fear the sun, but it could just improve sight dramatically. It can't hurt to try. Navigating the blur has brought up a lot of irritating feelings of course, as a sort of psychic clear0out of old issues that probably were there when my eyes starting becoming problematic.

Astrologically I was born with the Sun challenging Neptune - the planet of the infamous "blur". Which is one excuse I could make. The other would be genetic (my father - represented by the Sun in our charts) wore glasses (Neptune). Do Pisces wear glasses more than most signs or others with a strong Neptune? I don't know, I don't have the time for such extensive study. But I do know, that it can't hurt to try and heal my vision.

And slowly, it's starting to work.

I've noticed some clear flashes, and can actually see the view of the Hollywood sign on the horizon, better without my lenses in. I'm sitting further back from the computer and feeling pretty grand that this is actually working. I do get annoyed from time to time, but it's all part of the healing process - not walking without the crutches I've been using for a LONG time now.

For the rest of you, Neptune Retrograde is also about navigating the blur. In your own life, Neptune is in a particular part of YOUR chart. Wherever it is, it'll be causing a few clouds of confusion - as you work out what's fact, what's fiction, and where the heck you're going. Also Neptune helps to dissolve anything that causes you to fall for the illusion that you're separate from the rest of us. You're not. We're all connected. Neptune now will help erode boundaries and barriers - great for the hard-hearted in the crowd, but not so good for those who have few limits, weakened immune systems or who are 'away with the fairies' as they say.

Best enjoy charting a course, while letting things take their course. Don't push, bu do back up your plans, and double check. Neptune loves to let things drift along with no protocol. You may find it useful to notate your dreams for spiritual messages too right now.

This period lasts until Halloween (Oct 31) when Neptune goes Direct once more. Between now and then, enjoy dispelling clouds of confusion, alleviating stress by taking baths, walks by water or drinking more water, but also being wary of your emotional tides - so you don't get swept away by your own (or someone else's) emotional undercurrents. Security now lies in following intuition, and if in doubt, leaving well enough alone.

The voice of your spirit is calling you -
make sure you turn down the outer volume enough
to hear what your inner voice is saying.

Love and no contact lenses,

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Forecasts up: May 21 - 27

We just entered Gemini Season, and kick off this week with the new set of forecasts.


Thursday, May 17, 2007

Sensual and Soulful: Taurus New Moon

As an Astrologer with a blog I'm always torn between getting to write about the Lunar Cycles (new & Full Moons) before they happen, or living them out myself and then writing about them in hindsight.

So I'll promise I'll get to this Taurus New Moon we're currently under. It's about getting grounded, enjoying the material world (yes, including money) and focusing on the things we truly value in life. What we focus on, grows - remember?

As a salute to the sensual and grounding energy of Taurus, here's something to relish - a performance by a great friend and client, Cecilia. Check out her amazing Jazz Performance.
As a Pisces, with Taurus Rising, her soul path is to channel spiritual energy into such Taurean beauty as singing (as one vehicle). She's amazing.

As mars moves into Aries this week too - it's HOT. We're not talking temperature, we're talking wildfires (Aries and Mars both relate to FIRE in its raw form - gunfire, fireworks, quick ignitions, explosions and the FIRE to get moving!).

Thanks Cecilia, for such a soul-stirring performance and for sharing your Pisces/Taurus gifts with the world!


If you'd like to book Cecilia, or check out her own website, you can connect with her here!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Sex Scenes (with photos!)

My latest excursion into the world of acting was entitled Sex Scenes. New York author Polly Frost, is traveling promoting her current book Deep Inside (available on Amazon this month), in a series of readings entitled Sex Scenes (how appropriate for a Scorpio Riser such as myself...Polly is a Scorpio, and my partner is also working alongside us, and he's a Scorpio too..I've yet to find out everyone elses but I'm sure there'll be more Scorpionic souls!)

The stories cover the vast landscape that is human sexuality - you name it, it's covered. Erotic tales mixed with great humor. It's fast becoming popular...and just a heck of a lot of fun to act in.

The latest offering was at Tangier in Los Feliz in Los Angeles. This night was a pretty special one - as the temperatures began to soar inside, the electric went out which led us all to use candles in a truly intimate setting (since there was no way to get the power back on!). And to add to the mix - the entire event was (thankfully at the end) evacuated due to the smoke filling the street. Griffith Park was ablaze behind us, and the entire area was being shut down. As we left, we could smell the smoke in the lobby, and in the street people were packed to watch the glorious horizon of orange and red glowing behind the Griffith Park Observatory (which remained untouched I believe).

I've attached a picture so you can see what we saw on the way home. An amazing night and in one word....HOT.

Mars hasn't moved into Aries yet, so I'm sure when the planet of Fire meets the sign of Fire it rules, there'll be more blazes, fireworks, explosions and heated conversations and temperatures.

I'll be appearing next in Santa Barbara at Cellar 205, so if you're in the area, and fancy a fun night of sexy secrets and much, much laughter, then stop in and say Hi!


P.S The strange face pulling was the 'orgasm scene' from 'A Personal Relationship. You oughta hear everyone else...

May 14 - 20 Forecasts are up!

Mars moves into Aries this week heating everything (and everyone) up.

You can read the latest forecasts here.


Thursday, May 10, 2007

Ready to blow...Scorpio Full Moon

In case you missed it, this was what i wrote briefly on the weekly scopes (last week) regarding the Scorpio Moon. We're still under its influence:

Full Moons in Scorpio are kinda like Halloween, somehow, somewhere. Our masks are ON, but somehow, the spooky emotions we hide from ourselves have a habit of slipping out from behind. It could be an explosive week or it could just be seven days of sex, sensuality and sin. Pile on passion and powerful feelings and you’ll be laughing if you’re already happy, and fuming if you’re not since Scorpio magnifies how you feel with a double-dose of dynamite. Whatever gives, let it go. Landslides may take away solid foundations, but Nature has a plan. She knows what must stay and what must be removed so something better can take its place.

The New Moon in Taurus is coming up next week, to soothe us all, just as Mars marches into fiery Aries. Already we had fires here in Los Angeles (my gig the other night was evacuated but more on that next time!).


Tuesday, May 08, 2007

London Radio scoops Sony!

GayDar Radio, the station I appear on weekly with live forecasts via the cosmic telepathy of technology, just won a Sony for the "Digital Terrestrial Station of the Year" which is great news.

RainbowNetwork its sister site is branching out into new areas, including publishing. That's the home of the current forecasts, so thanks for all your support, stamps of approval and other amazingly-nice things you've been saying about them.

And if you haven't and would like to, then drop them a note at
Hey, I have Saturn in Leo so it's less of a 'promote me and pat my back' as it is a Thanks for being so cool and helping me to continue doing what I'm doing! :)

The Internet is a place we rush through so often each day and week, and it's really cool that people have taken time to stop by the site and leave their commendation.

Onwards and Upwards, and congrats to my radio colleagues over in London!


Monday, May 07, 2007


It's unusual for me to in the position of predicting the possible delivery date for a newborn soul, but a friend who was waiting and wondering when her Taurus cherub was arriving (after planning for an Aries birth...she and her husband are both Arians!) was curious so I offered to take a look at her charts using a number of methods.

I drew up her Lunar Return to take a look at her MONTH ahead. I followed that up with a look at her Diurnal Chart - a great way to see what is happening in a DAY period, used to narrow time frames down and see what the major issues, themes and happenings are likely to be.

Her Diurnal showed for a couple of days in the month a Leo Ascendant (sign of the child), Jupiter in her 5th House (children) in great aspect to her Ascendant (new beginnings) and also in aspect to the Sun in her 10th House (of status).

I narrowed it down to May 1 or May 2 - after all such strong signs of children, birth and a change in one's status (becoming a Mother) are such rare occurances in our charts and lives, and with other factors I can't recall just now, I decided on these two days in the month and lo and behold, baby Oktober was born on May 1! Right before the Scorpio Full Moon (that fell in her mother's 5th house of childbirth).

I want to wish Oktober (who, despite being born in May actually has a Scorpio Moon, the sign traditionally associated with the month of October) all the best for their new journey together - Aries, Aries and Taurus. I think little Oktober is bringing some much needed Earth to the proud parents fire! She also has Pisces rising (the Moon signs of both her mom and dad).

I'll post her chart here so feel free to leave any thoughts of your own on Oktober.

Congratulations to Rebecca - she's the director of one of my short films by the way. I'll have to post it up here when it's finally complete.

A new soul is on the planet - a Taurus, with Scorpio Moon and Pisces Rising, ready to kick ass, and bring us some new spiritual blessings. Watch out World!


Dot Magazine Column up

DOT Magazine now has their website updated and if you're not in California, you can read my new, fun monthly column here.

For the extensive ones, RainbowNetwork will continue to have all the latest on a weekly basis, which I'll post here.



Sunday, May 06, 2007

May 7 - 13 Forecasts!

Forecasts are up for this week!

As you may have noticed, I was away for the Full Moon, an intense Scorpionic one, which I'll leave a note about soon. How did you all find it? I know, deep change, some depth emotions surfacing and a lot of 'Aha, NOW I know what I want'. Full steam ahead.

Since you've decided what to carve out of your life, have you decided how to re-arrange and transform it into something bigger, better and brighter?

Catch this week's scopes.