Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Soul Mate or Sour Date?

It's all about Relationships this October. Just listen in to the latest Astro*Highlights and you'll see why!

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Full Moon in Aries (Sep 23)

For the next two weeks it's all about You. And should be. The Aries Full Moon period affords us a chance to work out if WE are fulfilled, if we look how we want to look, if we're on track with ourselves, if we're acting as we want to. If the vision we have of ourselves, really what we're seeing playing out in our individual lives?


The Full Moon now lands in the sign of Aries
- war, aggression, assertiveness, action, initiation, inspiring us to pioneer old ground or to walk away from old lives and creating new beginnings out of the tattered remains of yesterdays soul-cleansing fires.

As the first sign of the zodiac wheel, Aries is the starter, the Fire Starter I guess you could say (since that's its element) but under a Full Moon things reach a completion, a culmination and we receive word from the Universe in the form of a progress report.

Full Moons remind us to 'let go' in areas where we're overdoing, over-striving and otherwise resisting the flow of cosmic energy in our lives. A new beginning is hard, when we're caught up in yesterday's shadows. So this week we look both forward (Aries) and backwards (Full Moon) separating old paths with new trails yet to be blazed.

We can help this along by following a few of these suggestions, tailor made for this particular lunar phase this week:

Work on Anger Management Issues
- should anger ever BE managed? If not - all hell can break loose, or we end up in all-out war. But repressing it does us no good. Work out a way to meet your needs head-on and confront obstacles with courage, confidence and total honesty.

Let go of the need to be first
- people push, people shove, they cut you off on roads and they are impatient and self-centered. This weekend, let them be. Save yourself a headache!

Give up too much selfishness
- sometimes your needs can't be met by anyone else but you. That's life so accept it.

Go kickboxing, play squash/tennis
- anything that's high energy and aggressive or fast.
Pump Iron - Aries loves raw energy and a show of macho. Push your limits just know when to quit.

Chill out - is it worth getting so heated over?

Burn something - in a safe environment, but try a Full Moon Fire Ritual (check in with me for a discounted special to see how this Full Moon affects you and your birth chart PERSONALLY), burn things that symbolize what you're trying to move away from or let go of. Works wonders.

Quit banging your head against a brick wall. Find another way.

DO something - Aries Full Moons ask for energy and drive, committed to achieving a task. Knock down a wall, build something, go for a jog, work out, wrestle, buy a punchbag, scream, sing a rock song at karaoke, start 18 new projects and alternate between them all.

Burn off calories, then you won't be so easy to trigger. A relaxed body/mind is harder to agitate!

Cut hair, do face treatments - Full Moons are good times to cut hair (to grow back slower). Aries relates to the Head so prune crazy hair, give yourself a facial. Legend has it that cutting hair can release stagnant energy some cultures say resided in hair. Look back and notice your haircuts after a breakup, or breakdown? It released old energy. perhaps it's time for another makeover?!

In short - stop thinking, feeling and analyzing and wondering. Just Do It!

Full Moons pull liquids on the planet and within our bodies, making us more emotional and touchy. It'd be easy to get into a fight under Aries energy this week but it's a waste of good raw energy. Remember energy is directed where our conscious will is focused. Save it or squander it, the choice is ours.

Raw energy is sexy - that's why Mars, the ruling planet associated with Aries is about Drive and Desire. Conquering something becomes a theme this weekend - we NEED a fight, we NEED a challenge, we NEED something to win over, we NEED something to put ourselves against. Moons show emotional needs. Aries energy is driven and goal oriented and won't be denied!

We all turn into Stone Age men and women
- back in the primal days of the Universal Fire. Separating ourselves out from the fold, showing how brave we are. These days, fights are taken to sports arenas or worse, into the fields of cities, town and villages, or into the home and family, the originator of all future 'fight-plans' and 'fight patterns'.

Find your 'beef', uncover the roots of your anger and dispute, and resolve to resolve it by the only means possible - facing it. What you do when you confront it is up to you but in the handling the issue, lies the possible resolution.

Remember, inactivity is also an action. Anger has a time and a place - and we shouldn't shy from it. It's not un-spiritual to get mad, says the Aries Full Moon. It's emotional and human. But it is raw untapped and untamed power from within that bubbles out in such moments, a spark from a much greater fire. A passionate seething cauldron of emotional power we can use to further our lives and create something greater, from the friction caused by seeing something that reflects less than we could be. That after all, is the basis of every fight - both within and without - seeing ourselves or another, being less than we (or they, in our perception) could be.

Relationship-wise, it's a time to balance what we want with what others need and desire. It's a see-saw this next two weeks. But remember, if you're not happy, no one else can be, because you're a major part of every contract, union, partnership, relationship, friendship. And you have a right to be feeling well and good.

Start with YOU, then see what changes once you change your own point of view.

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Monday, September 20, 2010

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Taking out the Trash: Pluto Direct (Sep 14)

Pluto Direct - slaying inner demons brings outer angels

Since April 6, Pluto the planet of death, rebirth, regeneration and transformation has been moving retrograde (backwards) and went direct (back to normal) on September 13. This period has given us ample time to re-visit the dark places inside ourselves. To fully face the Shadows we carry within. To make friends with our own obsessions, cravings, yearning-burning-churning places. And then to free ourselves from identifying fully with any of them.

Now, fighting these inner battles and facing these inner demons and slaying them (or at least cutting the ties that bind us to them compulsively), brings contact with people, situations and places (our angels) that help us enjoy a greater sense of Light. Our time in the dark now aids our journey into a brighter space. We've cleared a space to now enjoy being free of emotional cling-ons.

Now, the process of transformation seems to bear fruit. We see parts of our lives finally changing, after we have done the work first within. We can't change anyone or anything but ourselves or our relationship to the things we witness. Our Power now is reflected back - what we've moved through, we can now aid others through. Our reward is clarity, strength and strong soul-connections with other who are also transforming their own consciousness.

In Capricorn, who hasn't had their life structure shaken? Who hasn't had to deal with some of the heavier issues of Power? From job losses, to personal power players in relationships, to coming to grips with our own personal demons - addictions, patterns, energy-drains and other distractions? Who hasn't found that what was built on a flimsy foundation must crumble? Who hasn't had to adjust to Major Change and Really Grow Up?

This phase of inner resurrection comes to a form of completion during this next Pluto cycle. It does mean that some chapters will inevitably close with a finality we may pull against, but which ultimately serves us. Remember when you could be done and really mean it? Remember when endings meant you could pick up the pieces and carry on? Recent days and months have seen old issues haunt us still ("but i thought I had learned that!") or else fragments from a half-forgotten (or repressed) past came back to poke and prod us into dealing with them once again.

Darkness hasn't waned around us, it just went into hiding. Now, when Pluto turns direct again we get a surge of power, collectively, to deal with the dark, and turn out the old so that we can celebrate a renewed sense of self, spirit and soul.

On the simple level, Pluto will allow for a parting of the ways in some area of your life (look to the House Pluto is currently passing through). Very briefly though (contact me for more depth as always):

Aries can stand strong knowing that power is being given to them as a reward for following Universal Law and using, not abusing, the responsibilities issued to them of late.
Taurus can destroy all others codes of conduct and finally follow their own custom-made belief system.
Gemini can realize that power often comes from what we choose not to do than what we actually manifest.
Cancer can find their own strength or manipulation mirrored back to them through other people who come or go now.
Leo can clean up the mess by seeing once and for all which parts no longer work in the whole of their life picture.
Virgo can find the power of play acting instead of playing games in order to feel truly loved and appreciated.
Libra can find safety and security on changing ground knowing that home is a sense of self, not a physical thing or place.
Scorpio can tune their mind into only things they desire and no longer give power to shadows of possibilities.
Sagittarius can ground their new-found self belief and self worth into projects of power that further their financial and personal wealth.
Capricorn can be proud of the spiritual weight lost of late and how aloneness was needed to accomplish the cleanse.
Aquarius can release the toxins accumulated to date and complete a cycle of collecting all things that block us from our true spiritual core.
Pisces can free themselves from old dreams that haunt but no longer satisfy and mix with those who have a purpose and a power to reform instead of rebel for its own sake.

Pluto asks us to give up siding with things, people, places, energies, attitudes, beliefs, opinions, lifestyles or relationships that no longer give us a sense of healthy power, deep passion, intense and loyal vibrations and that sink us further into haunted and dark places.

Release the many energy in your own life under what can be a major detox period if you allow what's rotting, rotten, falling or fallen to fade and phase out of your life.

How can you be reborn to a new life
if you too scared to let your old self die?

Pull the plug!

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