Sunday, February 26, 2006

Piscean Poetry

A gift...

..a poem..

..from my poetry book '37', written between 1999 and 2002, waiting for the right hour, as always, to be published.


The keys in the stars

May the Sun help you find your way home soon
guided by the light of the silvery Moon.
May Mercury’s wings give you youthful flight
to find the cloud where Venus arms hold tight.
May the thunder of Mars make you carry on
till fear has finally faded, gone.

Till the horizons of Jupiter lie just ahead
to break the chains of Saturn’s weary tread
May you be struck by lightening of Uranus, rebel
Against a life of illusions under Neptune’s spell.
For only then will you brave Pluto’s awesome power
And make it Home at lastAt Earth’s final Twilight hour.

(c) Neil D Paris
Use granted with authors permission.

The Great Letting Go: New Moon in Pisces

The New Moon on Monday Jan 27 falls at 9Pisces opening up a doorway to another dimension, a peak into what lies beyond the physical plane of reality we all buy into, and offers us a chance to once again glimpse our souls as the fog of reality lifts, or to be exact, a neptunian haze decends on our daily life, confusing the status quo and rigid structure, dissolving what we believe to be real, so that, in the chaos and confusion we catch sight of the things that outlast and outwit time and space.

Pisces is the sign that knocks down walls, erases borders, dilutes concentrated energy and like a damn bursting, lets the water of our unconscious seep through into conscious awareness. It's cleansing - as is water the element it represents - and gives us a way out of any dilemma we currently find ourselves way of Surrender.

As the final sign, Piscean energy is a composite of all the other signs, but with a twist - with the knowledge of the ego stages of soul-growth (aries to aquarius) Pisces energy is simulatanouely aware of its ego and lack thereof, picking up clues and hints and energies as well as sensing others egos around. Just as the sign of Pisces represents two fish swimming in different directions, there is always a duality to the final sign and duality represents choice - to follow the callings of the Higher Self (or Soul) or to follow the dictates of its earthy counterpart - in short, to invest emotional energy (which Pisces is composed mostly of) on temporal or eternal matters.

This New Moon, on Feb 27 reminds us of the power of Surrender - a grand Letting Go. If you've checked out the main page of my site, you'll see the new updated content and feel, (I, myself am a Pisces, so the New Moon in my 4th House (foundations, home) seemed a fitting time to release the new energy, since it's my own abode in cyberspace!

Notice the 'theme of the month' - the moments in life we seem to enjoy the most relate to surrender, a sort of 'letting go' and 'allowing':

Sneezing - if you block the energy flow, it can do damage!
Peeing after a long, LONG wait - need we say more?
Orgasm - the ultimate release
Crying - relieves internal pressure, massages the heart (emotional centre)
Rollercoasters - the ego is forced to surrender and trust (when was your last scream?)
Sleeping - the act of falling asleep calls for a letting go, allowing

Anything that asks you to dive in - playing the piano, painting, singing, dancing - if it calls for a soul expression, Piscean energy is found in abundance. The simple act of Letting Go manifests miracles now - what can you loosen your grip on?

As Neptune is the ruler of this month's final New Moon, it's a fitting time to simulatenously Let Go of addictions - alcohol, drugs, television, sex, food - whatever gives you your buzz and you 'can't live without'. Unhealthy relationship patterns that drain, give you a heavy feeling, make your stomach uncomfortable, feel restriced - they all need to change, and they can if you let them go during this time.

Energy flows - it's nature's way. When it's blocked, decay begins. This New Moon take a look at where these signs are, and if possible, pull in the dams, break the floodgates and let it out, let it move on, or do so yourself - it's the ultimate act of surrender, to Chart A Course While Letting Things Take Their Course.

Is there a higher purpose and a higher reason in your life now?

It's out of your hands for now, in many ways. Which doesn't mean to quit, opt out or give up (negative Piscea traits). The simultaneous fish we have yet to discuss asks us to follow it by introducing something NEW into our lives at this New Moon as always.

What Piscean energies can we bring in now?

Meditation - a morning 'unplugging' from technology, phones, people etc. A moment to gather yourself. Flip a tarot card, find your meaning for the day. Find your focus. Let things fall into place.

Yoga - a fluid movement which allows energy to flow through the body.

Swimming - graceful, elegant, very healthy and a Piscean dream - escaping to the water.

Drinking more water - okay, so include juice (my current favorite is kiwi-strawberry, 100% mind you, no added sugar) but make it all natural. MORE WATER is essential now, to keep your emotional balance.

Cry, laugh, giggle, sigh - let your feelings out more. be honest. If you're uncomfortable, say so.

Focus your intention and invest emotionally in what makes you Feel Good - simple as that - let draining energy move on, or move on without it. Is it really necessary?

Linda Goodman once said "if it was negative it didn't happen...except in the world of illusion"

See beyond the "maya" - illusion. Watch movies like the Matrix, The Truman Show, The 13th floor, The Island - they contain themes that pertain to life on earth. There's more going on that meets the eye, remember that.

Do I have all the answers? Hell, no. And therein lies the joy of life - no one has the ulimate truth.

This New Moon, Spirit calls - will you hear, and what will you do when you glimpse 'Soul'?

Escape into yourself, chart your inner waters, how about checking out your own Past Life or Karmic Insight Report (they're 50% discounted for Piscean season on the site). My gift to you.

I hope you all enjoy this Piscean New Moon as much as I know I shall.

Life's easy when you allow. What greater power is there than bowing down to Nature's majesty - there's comfort, safety and power in moving with the Earth. As we rotate through the galaxy, who knows where we'll end up by 2012. I just know that we can do our part by finding out centre, and standing firm within in. That's Authentic Living.

It's a great time to explore Astrology further - if I can help out with that, then drop me a line. Or happy navigate the waters yourself - what a time to dive in.

The Great Letting Go begins on Jan 27 - boy voyage!
Neil xx (one for each fish)

Friday, February 24, 2006

The Magic of the Pleiades

For anyone wishing to know more about the current Earth shifts, how to manage energy and understand a little more about the 'topsy turvy' times we live in, I have found the Barbara Marciniak series of book a fascinating read - chiming those inner bells of truth.

I pass this information on in the spirit of open knowledge and the sharing of what I find to be of value and use.

They are magical, fun, insightful and if I'm having a stressful day, they remind me of my centre. perhaps they'll do the same for you - their vibration feels high, and everyone I have mentioned them to, seems to feel the same way.

Barbara's books are: Earth, Family of Light, Bringers of the Dawn & Path of Empowerment.

I hope you find these books of as much value as I have - they're truly worth checking out. I have never been a fan of 'channeled' material, but the voice within these books, to me, made sense, and seemed to carry gems of wisdom that can help us navigate our internal worlds, especially during this important time.

The Mayan calendar ends in 2012, and these books touch upon this and many other subjects, including the manipulation of energy by the 'World Management team', the use of sexual energy to shift reality, and paradigm-busting. Fun stuff - does it resonate with you?

You can find out more at


Sunday, February 19, 2006

The Fog Descends: Piscean Season

The Sun has just moved into Pisces.

Can you feel it? Suddenly your eyes glass over and the only urge you have is to pull up a seat in front of a movie, sink into a jacuzzi, spend 30 minutes longer in the shower, walk in the pouring rain, finish an entire pot of ice cream, write a love song,use watercolors, let the mess build up while you catch up on extra sleep, lose your head in a sexual high or an emotional low....

The list goes on.

Now we're in Pisces season, a lot of things begin to slide. it's hard to to stay focused and disciplined. Weird things start happening like you suddenly know it's not safe to walk down the left hand side of the sreeet (but you don't know why so you cross over and continue). You feel you should pick a book off a shelf and randomly read - and end up pulling to a page that mentions the name of your dog (that no one knew).

We put it down to coincidence, but in Pisces season could it be more? Sychronicity is everywhere - you run into someone you were thinking about. Someone else calls you just before you were going to call or email them. You guess who'll win the race.

Pulling away from the mainstream was the focus during Aquarius Season (last month) but now we take it even further. Some of us will hide out in our unconscious, to create, to dream to hide from the realities outside our doors, whilst others will hide in the company of others, the bottle, food, sex.

The bottom line? We're seeking to reconnect spiritually to something, someone ANYTHING that will give us a reason to get up each morning. After all, none of life makes any sense now, so why not just float along and get lost? It'd be easy - but where is the spiritual discipline or progress in that?

By all means now is it the time to float along. Sometimes doing nothing makes things 'right' again - the stains come out in the wash so to speak.

Other times, we needto resist going over the edge by paddling like a maniac. If you're easily addicted, now's the time you need to watch it - the urge is there and ENABLERS are everywhere!

Creative souls can find their muse, or rediscover something lost or forgotten. Dreams become symbols, messages from the unconscious.

Spot the clues, listen to the silence, feel between the lines and Follow Your Intuition - now's the time when you'll find some magical miracles manifesting if you're awake long enough.

Find your High - and no, I don't mean drink or drugs - there are other ways. However the indulgences will continue - and I'm sure we'll hear of some reports of people going off the deep end - overdoses, 'accidental' slippings-over-to-the-other-side.

The ocean is Neptunes domain - our collective unconscious as well as our physical oceans. Expect news and rumblings from beneath. Dare you dive down? Look for clues now in the collective unconscious that will give us messages as to what is lying in store for us in the next year. Now's the time when if we listen and most importantly FEEL, we'll find out.

Swim against the tide, then surf, cruise, coast, skinny-dip, paddle, dive, float, but above all - keep swimming.


Friday, February 17, 2006

Mars enters Gemini

Two paths open up. One leads further into the forest. The other is well-lit, well-worn and signposted. Which would you take?

A new job offer - same pay, better prospects, one is 15,000 miles from your current home. Which path do you choose?

A boyfriend and a lover. One gives you stability, the other a frigging good time. Long-term satisfaction or long term security?

Some choices aren't as easy, or difficult (all is relative, perspective is everything when it comes to choice).

As Mars moves into Gemini two (or more) options open up. Communication becomes more direct - you'll notice the number of people arguing increases these days. The number of people on cell phones increases. Traffic is faster. More mail arrives. Email buzzes. The mailman seems a little irritated, and people just seem busy.

Where is the angry driver going in such a hurry? Why is the supermarket line so agitated? Everyone seems so busy, rushing here and there - with what purpose?

Communication is KEY now - talking is better than sitting in silence - but remember, something saying less is actually more. If it's not polite you're not as inclined to keep it a secret. Watch your tongue. Get it in writing. Think it through. Slow down (traffic ticket cops are waiting!)

Mars is Gemini reminds us that option = freedom = power. At the end of the day, if you have the right to choose, you have the tool of creation at your disposal - you have the choice to change path, decision, direction at ANY moment, exchanging pain and pressure for ease and enjoyment.

If Mars governs how we use our energy, there's a hell of a lot of action, commotion, commuting, shouting, talking, muttering, writing, typing (expect some heated debates or messages in your email box). Siblings appear again reminding us of perhaps a road we never chose - they get to play out another possibility.

Remember in the matrix of 'reality' we live within, in the physical realm, every choice is covered. We live in the NOW - where everything happens simulataeously. Expect a person to appear to remind you of what you did or didn't do - the job you didn't take, the relationship pain you could have endured. They serve as reminders for locating yourself in Space and Time in THIS reality - by showing you how you arrived at your current location.

Where to now?

Mars continues to throw open new doors, possibilities and options.

Is it quality or quantity that matters? perhaps we won't know until we've exhausted all possible options, leaving no stone unturned until we realize just what works for us.

We DO have a second chance under Mars in Gemini. Choose wisely!

Twin Love & hugs,
Neil xxx

P.S If your phone or car has issues now, or you have other breaks in communication or movement, maybe it's a sign to slow down, get your brain in gear FIRST. Take technology in for a check-up, to be sure. Slowing down can only help now, nothing is THAT urgent....

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Valentines Special

Check out the main site for the Valentine's Special!

For one week only I'm offering a Free Report when you order a Relationship Report. The great thing about these Reports are you can choose one for your friend, family member, colleague or partner. Plus you get something back for yourself free of charge, and isn't that what Valentine's Day is all about - giving something good to yourself? I agree.

This Valentine's Day, no matter how much you detest it because you're single, or even because you're coupled, no matter how much you dislike the commercial edge, feb 14 continues to stand out as the day of Lovers. This year it vibrates to a '6' (numerologically - 2/14/2006 - 15 = 6)

6 is the Number of Venus, the planet of Affection so that's a great sign. Venus falls in the sign Capricorn this year on feb 14 - a sign not noted for its open demonstrations of love and affection. Gifts this year will be practical more than anything else - tokens of appreciate and useful, not so much flowers and chocolates. Capricorn likes quality and status, so it may be for show, but you know it's classy.

Venus receives beautiful aspects from Jupiter, the planet of indulgence and good times, so people are likely to want to go overboard despite the Capricorn earthiness of the day but the Moon drifts through Virgo so all in all we'll keep our heads. It's not the best day for opening screaming how you adore someone or for chasing the person of your dreams, but people will feel the desire to be grounded and solidify their commitments and connections. Love is real and genuine today, not phoney and dreamy, but it's built to last and that's better than any quick one night of passion.

Wherever you end up on Feb 14 this year, give a thought for the one true love of your life. Not the first person to steal or break your heart, or the one you lust or pine for. But the one you look at in the mirror every morning.

Astrologically we attract and experience all that we are - either by expressing it ourselves or bringing people into our lives to play the role. Either way we get to live it.

Astrology is an amazing tool to discover your energy, your wavelength, your frequency. And once you know who you are, you know what you need and can set about attracting just that. Then the Game Begins, and that's what life is all about, right? Playing to the max.

I hope you enjoy the Valentines special offer - and I hope that whoever reads the Reports, yourself included, you ignite the flame inside and realize just how unbelievably amazing you are.

Venus just stopped its retrograde path and its message has been clear since 2006 began - if you love yourself, truly love yourself, why would you ever accept anything less than greatness in your life?

Look around you - if you aren't receiving the respect and love you deserve, then it's time for a change. Feb 14 is a reminder that without self-love we have nothing. So indulge yourself and know that, without you, the world would be a much different place.

If you're reading this, you're alive, in a physical body and deserve to be here and you're here for a reason. Imagine that. Who cares if you still don't yet know, time reveals everything. These Reports are a step along the way, a puzzle piece, a clue.

So quit sitting in darkness and have a grand old time this Feb 14

Chocolate kisses and seductive scorpio-rising smiles....
Neil xxx