Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Time for Fun, right? New Moon in Leo (Aug 20)

Yea, you're right. We could do with lightening up, brightening up and having some fun.

Whatever gave me that impression? I'm an Astrologer. I know stuff. The patterns right now are a bit tricky to say the least so tomorrow, the LEO NEW MOON arrives to remind us that without fun, what do we have?!

More on this soon, for now remember this: we are all still children. Just our bodies grew. So don't "kid" yourself into thinking you're an adult. There's no such thing this side of the veil or the other.

Have fun tomorrow, Thursday Aug 20 (and why not tonight?)

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Anonymous said...

Neil - love your scopes. September is very interesting and timely for me - a Virgo.

I hope things are going well for you.

Love, Marti

Francis said...

Love your posts Neil. I guess the 'kid'in me is the reason I still play on my xbox!