Friday, September 25, 2009

Sep 29: Mercury finally goes Direct

For all of you wondering when this strange phase ends - of re-visiting the past (dreaming of people you once knew, running into them again, trying to reconnect with them, covering old ground, losing your keys and wallet, having computer and phone issues, finding your car needs fixing, being stuck in traffic, misreading something, being entangled in conversations where meaning is lost and you're confused, waiting for people to call or email or get in touch)....

...well it irons itself out after Mercury goes Direct on Sep 29. You may have to wait until Mercury leaves its shadow period which is Oct 14, when you'll see real progress in these areas.

Remember, decisions made now may be reversed when Mercury goes direct so keep an open mind and remain as open and fluid as you can. Revisit the past, lay some things to rest, re-wire your head and then take a time out.

All is well, remember...


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