Thursday, October 08, 2009

Sweet-Speak: Mercury enters Libra (Oct 9)

Be polite. Be kind. Be nice. Words are beautiful. Enjoy them. Why? Because Mercury (the energy within us that seeks to communicate and connect to the world around us) moves into Libra, the midway sign of Peace, Harmony, Aesthetics, Beauty & Partnership.

Share your ideas. We'd love to hear them. Talk to others. Listen to them. Debate. Banter. Write poetry. Sing. Make things rhyme. Send a thank you card. Tell someone how you feel about them.

Mercury enjoys being in Libra, an air sign (the energy of thought). Two heads are better than one so on October 9th, share cerebrally and see what you come up with.

Words are weapons (remember that WORD-S can be used as a S-WORD) or they can be used to build bridges, and bridge divides between people, nations, heads and hearts.
Reach out. Open your mind and let us in.

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Your poetic Pisces,

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