Tuesday, November 17, 2009

DEMOLITION UNDER WAY: Saturn square Pluto

Saturn = any structure, possible limitations, red-tape rules & restriction, the status-quo, our lessons.

Pluto: transformation, death & rebirth, removal, completion, passion & obsession, the Shadow & darkness, investigation.

As Saturn squares Pluto this week (an angle of tension) it's played out on Earth in a variety of ways:

Established Structures are challenged to update or be overthrown, trashed, brought down or else severely compromised.

Security in our own lives suffers the same: some lose jobs, some lose a sense of security (or sanity) and what seemed safe, is shaken.

Depression is a common effect of these two planets connecting under trying times.

What can you let go of?
What can be changed to work better?
Where is your pessimism keeping you chained to the Darkness?

Yes things are changing. The order in our lives may have become a prison. It's time to root out anything (an attitude, situation, emotion, person, aspect of our body or being) that is not working for the good of the whole (or our personal peace) and to eradicate it by trying to first heal it, transform it, or destroy it.

Death is not always bad. Killing off diseased cells helps our bodies grow stronger.
Somewhere in our lives is a possible cancerous 'thing'. Can you spot it?

Locate it. Feel the discomfort and darkness surrounding it. Know it serves one purpose: to reveal to you where both your Power, and Fear of Loss is hidden. Bring those to light. Your Power lies in acceptance and the altering of that which no longer works for you.

bring down any control structures in place in your life. Any corruption, inner control, emotional manipulation, deep-seated fear and bleakness, and bring it to the light of Hope, Faith, Optimism.

The surgeon is in and he's ready to help you heal. It may cut, it will hurt no doubt, but then, the healing can begin in earnest.

Challenging times, but we're all ready to do this!

If you need any help as things crumble, check in for a PERSONAL READING.

There with you,
Your Astrologer,

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Kathryn said...

this is spookily accurate about things happening in my life right now. things are crumbling down indeed. wow!