Saturday, February 20, 2010

Lady Gaga: Astro Profile

It's been a while since I posted a snapshot of a celeb on the blog (confidentiality, I'm afraid) but here is a sneak peak at Lady Gaga, a prime figure in the musical world currently and no doubt here to stay.

An Aries with a Scorpio Moon (and Venus in Aries - the aggressive lover (growl/bite/scratch), Gaga is an independent pioneer with the soul of a sorceress. Aggressive, direct with a taste for the darker side. Just look at the closing image of her Bad Romance video - lying on a bed beside the charred skeletal remains of her lover. Scorpio always loved the death motif. (And don't forget the infamous Scorpio inpenetrability , the Scorpio "poker face" (incidentally the title of one of her songs).

Notice also her love of being hidden behind dark glasses or covering one of her eyes.

Mars at the top of her solar chart gives her the drive and ambition (in Capricorn) to get to the top and stay there. Don't doubt this woman's business ability and hard work. Success is her goal and determination is her fuel. There is simply no stopping this soul. Move out of the way.

Lady Gaga is currently enjoying her Progressed Sun conjuncting her North Node in Taurus. The spotlight (Sun). Comfort. Luxury. and Money (Taurus) = Success. The time is ripe for her to come into her own. Bingo. Right on time. If she can handle her finances and not lose herself to physical gratification, she'll continue to do well.

Gaga has a softer side, which could lead her to seek solace in drugs, alcohol, sex, whatever she feels will blur the edges of reality. She's best to stick to symbolic acts of fantasy than to "act out". She has Jupiter and Mercury Retrograde in Pisces. And her Sun square Neptune, a very boundary-less alignment (also representing the unavailable father and disillusionment by men).

She's mystical, believes in the unseen, is extremely psychic, can read people well but also must retire from the world so that she can psychically recharge.

So, an aggressive pushy, direct trailblazer and a soft sensitive misunderstood escapist. An intriguing mix. And why her style, appearance, alluring mystery and sex appeal is so evident.

Something deep and dark lurks behind the scenes, and maybe we'll get to discover what this is, but only if gaga herself choses to reveal. She is very very private. Her past lives show great power (wielded by her or likely used against her or her family or within her family tree). Emotional or sexual abuse (notice her overtly "sexual" persona - no doubt crafted from being objectified in her past lives or early part of this one, (or being sexually denied/shunned/repressed - now she gets to enjoy it openly). Other past life motifs: Control. manipulation. Or just deep loss. Now she has a chance to enjoy some peace (with some war, she likes that) and some physical satisfaction, and material comfort. After all that destructiveness, life has that in store for her, if she so chooses. Beautiful.

About to experience her Jupiter Return, a time of growth, opportunity, far off travel and good fortune (and overdoing things) look for some water themes in her upcoming work and some spiritual messages and emotional tunes (heartache, heartbreak, some drug and drink and "being lost" themes, and also music/videos relating to victim hood and addiction). Jupiter is in Pisces after all. Uranus planet of surprises enters Aries this year, so look for some big shifts in her style. Some shocking news stories and acts, as she ruffles feathers and refuses to be categorized. Uranus won't hit her sun until 2011-12 but we'll begin to see some hints at her outlandishness.

Pluto will hit her Neptune in her House of Career this summer - bringing her more power as she mesmerizes (Neptune) the masses in a form of mind control and hypnosis.
She's a channel for larger powers, bigger symbols and universal messages. It's like her own Vegas show is well under way. Magic. Illusion. Fantasy. Depravity.

Madonna, move aside.

Lady Gaga, whether she knows it or not, is a channel and a messenger (or puppet) for greater themes and images that can either uplift and heal or reveal to us the fragile side of spirit in a world of matter. Her own struggles and experiences are presented on stage as her inner conflicts become food for her visions, coupled with her talent at tapping into the collective unconscious.

A dreamweaver, an enchantress. Now you know why she's captivated the imaginations of many. She has them by them heart strings (or balls) and she won't let go. Until she's dead and gone (that infamous Scorpio streak) and even then, when Gaga goes, she will live on, going out with a bang perhaps even bigger than her career success.

And she'd think that was the ultimate success, immortality. The last laugh.


Anonymous said...

fantastic piece!i have seen her talk and she seems deeply aware of where she is in life and why she is there.

Anonymous said...

I loved reading this thank you, u have helped me understand my own chart also as Lady Gaga and I share many of the same signs (sun, moon, merc, venus, pluto). Infact I just saw her tonight live in concert and she was excellent. Truely one of a kind, and I love that she has many facets and layers to her personality. Love her ! x x

Anonymous said...

I must admit that I had been immune to Gaga-ism until I watched her recent 60 Minutes interview. My newly born admiration had nothing to do with her music; I had long suspected
that her success was a manipulative blend of shocking stunts and media overkill. While hearing her speak, however, I found myself mesmerized by her intelligence, humor, humility and generous spirit. Your article says it best: she is indeed a channel, an inspiring messenger.