Sunday, August 08, 2010

Forgotten Fun? The Leo New Moon

The New Moon in Leo is a timely reminder to Just Keep Loving It (All)!

Leo is usually the sign we can count on to show us how to let our hair down and have a good time. But how can you do that with Saturn the karmic debt-collector hanging over you and with Venus Retrograding in your sign. Leo's had a hard time and it's not over yet, so give them a hug when you see them, they're sure to need it.

Maybe we can help them out under this particular New Moon phase with a reminder to them of their own birthright.

For us all, the New Moon is an opportunity to remember the innocence of childhood, when we weren't yet burned by the hot flames of desire, pummeled by passion and ripped off emotionally by those who let us open up and then 'loved' us by bruising our sensitive hearts and trampling on our fragile egos.

Astrologer Linda Goodman once said that giving is effortless and it's our nature. The apple tree doesn't choose who it bestows its fruit to, it simply must. Without giving, the tree would die.

In our lives it becomes a scorecard game of 'give and withdraw' when we seek only to protect ourselves from hurt once inflicted or suffered (it's the same burn). However this New Moon asks of us to continue giving birth to ideas, games, projects that feel good no matter the consequences to our ego.

Playing is the act of creation - of getting up and doing it and having a go. Of major risk - the audience may boo, the lover may walk, the art be trashed by critics, the haircut receive laughs in the street, the gamble fail, the open heart be swallowed whole, the song flop, the movie script bomb, the idea crash and burn.

Whether you want to be the worlds greatest Lover, or the next Van Gogh, the next Oscar actor, or just loved without feeling like you'll be dumped the moment something goes wrong, we're all presented with a Stage this lunar phase and we're all given the choice to walk on, or hide in the wings watching more fearless souls take to the spotlight. (you're kidding yourself if you believe they're not nervous, they just have no other choice because it's Shine or Die under a Leo New Moon...)

Shining is the only way to to keep the darkness at bay. So if you're swamped by the shadows now, the only choice you have is to continue burning brightly, with no other power source but your own right to be respected, your own need to create and your own vision of how something could be.

Desire is our fuel now, and passion our road map. And while many cultures and religion see 'ego' as something to move beyond, to ignore, repress or destroy (Madonna Leo (whose sun shines in the 12th house of ego submission) sings just this in her song Die Another Day - "I'm gonna destroy my ego" since this is her own life path mission, but try telling that to most Leos whose Sun burns in the other 11 houses of the astrological wheel!) it is not.

Ego is the spark of spiritual light given a backbone and a reason for being (after all what is the point of being a soul unless you're incarnated into the physical world to effect change. It was Ego that led most people to their great works - even acts of compassion because they WANTED to make a difference, and couldn't not.

What in your life do you have NO choice in doing because you have to, must do it, because it IS you?

That's your Leo New Moon phase in action. And your spiritual purpose in action!
It's not about success or failure, it's about Playing the Game.

Help and Hindrances

As always other planets come into the picture to aid or thwart us in this endeavor to make the game more interesting. Leo New Moons are about finding a new way to express yourself, let your ego shine and Do What Only You Do Best.

If you're still wondering what that is, look to the House and Sign your Sun is placed in your Astrology Chart. For more on how this New Moon affects your personal Birth Chart, schedule a special New Moon Ritual Reading with me - and I'll help you navigate this period, and reveal what it means to you as well as helping you to find your core - for if we shine in the House of our Charts where the Sun was placed at our birth, then only great things can happen, because we are fulfilling our purpose on the planet. Simple ways to achieve Big Things.

No one else can live your life - you're the Star of your own Story.
So is it a story worth telling to future generations?

Shine on!

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Venus Astrology said...

"No one else can live your life - you're the Star of your own Story.
So is it a story worth telling to future generations?"

A question to ponder ...