Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Soul Mate or Sour Date?

It's all about Relationships this October. Just listen in to the latest Astro*Highlights and you'll see why!

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In honor of this time: for those in love, seeking love, chasing an ex down, running from an ex, wondering why they are with the one they find themselves with right now or those single and wondering how to hook a real catch, I have a treat for you!

My awesome and popular COSMIC COUPLE Report is currently on sale, along with the RELATIONSHIP REPORT and the NAUGHTY NATAL (this one is for everyone, singles included for a fun look at your Sun/Moon/Venus/Mars placements!). The first two cover your Relationship in DETAIL, down to the issues that annoy you both and the soul agreements you both have.

Order yours here!

Is it a Soul Mate, Sour Date or Karmic Mate?

Special ends Oct 8!

Your Astrologer,

P.S And if you're still stuck or want more info on YOU (as opposed to focusing so much on others (and your potential love issues and blocks and gifts 9as we all as career, finance and all that other good stuff) check out the FULL IN DEPTH NATAL.

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