Saturday, December 18, 2010

Emotional Messages: Gemini Lunar Eclipse (Dec 21)

This may be a longer post, but stick with it. Some hard stuff ahead, but some amazing opportunities with this Eclipses.

On Dec 21, we have a Lunar Eclipse at the last degree of Gemini, the sign concerned with Communication on All Levels. As a final degree, we have an important message being understood, acknowledged and delivered TO us or BY us.

Wherever 29 Gemini falls in our Chart is an area of REVELATION - we'll face important information here. An ultimatum, a major announcement, a sudden insight, a radical message. The news will be emotional in nature and it will either be delivered by you or to you (from your own unconscious, from your own lips, in your email in box or presented on your TV or in a newspaper article.

What are the details of this important message? Well, the Eclipse is Conjunct HADES the Astrological Asteroid of Dark Matter: psychic garbage, taboo material, "Hell" and all that other yucky stuff. Lunar Eclipses are Full Moons, remember so this is a Major Purge and in Gemini, a lot of stuff is coming up that will be TALKED ABOUT, DISCUSSED, SHARED and THOUGHT ABOUT.

Here are some examples:

You suddenly have a memory (Full Moon) about something someone said to you (Gemini) way back when that really hurt you (Hades) and you realize you never had an apology or really let it go (Full Moon).

You go into therapy to discuss (Gemini) how your Father abused you, your Mother neglected you, purging a backlog of emotions (Hades/Full Moon) you tucked away (Hades), or rationalized (Mercury), didn't discuss (Hades/Mercury) or simply forgot (Full Moon).

You realize (Full Moon/Gemini) that you never voiced the fact you feel sad/hurt/rejected/unloved/abused by something, someone or some incident that you've physically moved through but not mentally or emotionally processed yet (even though everyone thinks you should have "gotten over it").

Something is about to surface. A feeling that needs to find its voice. An emotion that was never felt, or understood but which now can be - through the simple act of Talking About It.

Prepare then, to Emote. To Say How You Feel (or at least understand that you feel it, admitting it even just to yourself for example!). Maybe you won't get a chance to tell someone who has since died, or maybe you'll have a face-off with someone still alive, maybe you'll just hear yourself voicing certain feelings. One thing is certain, at 29 Gemini, it's time to get clear on what you need to offload in the way of things you feel that you're still thinking about.

Can you let the past go? Can you find a certain peace? Can you accept how you feel? Can you revisit it one last time to truly see it and say it? Can you put words to your pain?

If you can, you'll be one of the lucky ones who use this period in the way it was intended: as a Mental Purging of Toxic Emotions that are polluting your field of experience: personal, familial, social and finally global. What you purge, affects the whole.

You can run, you can hide, but you can't get away from what's going on right now. Your part is essential. Be part of the Process, to be Part of the Solution, or wind up Part of the Problem.

There may be news of a Death, an ending, you may be faced with a Communication Blackout, being cut off or cutting off from something or someone, you may find yourself turning into a Communication Monster, attacking/fighting/screaming and purging things you never knew you felt, and never knew you had it in you to say. The news may be filled with stories, images and people full of angst/pain/hurt. Everyone and everything is purging. And this is good.

Endings are here. Death leads to Birth. Acknowledgment leads to Understanding o at least acceptance. But first we'll all face a personal and collective "Why?!".

Why, indeed?

Questions will be asked. And that's good. If we ask the right ones and not get lost in the propaganda, twisted and distorted messages (Hades/Gemini) of the times.

As we leave 2010 and realize that Your Power to Respond far outweighs your Tendency to React.

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Your Astrological Reminder that You Have a Right To Say How You Feel,

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