Wednesday, January 26, 2011

All is Fair in Love & War? Saturn Retrograde in Libra

Expect to re-work your career plans, wrestle with a legal matter a bit longer, shift from overdoing something to under doing it, to see how unfair someone is being (or be told how unfair you are), find you're rejected or you want 'out' of a certain partnership (be it personal or professional) or simply finding yourself wrestling your inner demons and the conflicted or divided parts of your inner self (when you're not fighting City Hall, the Government or those in Charge: see Egypt, Libya and a city near you soon...)

We all are doing the Retro Saturn in Libra dance. Just in different areas. Boil it all down and you can see Saturn (laws, structure) in Libra (balance, relationship) retrograde (reviewing) as a time when everyone withdraws to the corner of the ring to decide 1 - what they want. 2 - what the other person wants and 3 - what the compromise will be (since neither side will get the full goods).

If you're not hearing from someone, chances are they need space and time. Old karmic connections return - from past lovers with a word about how you did them wrong, (or you're contacting them), and from family feuds to neighbor issues, from coworker strains to boss-employee, government/people, parent/child, our relationship to authority is really up for review.

What can you do? PLAY FAIR. Anytime you overstep your mark, do something unjust, you put a check against you, one more chip in the scale against you. And Libra likes Balance. So expect to pay up in certain areas: things will slow down, stop, delay, frustrate you, or generally you'll think Karma Is A Bitch.

it is, when you don't heed the message or see the warning. Slowing down, affords you a chance to do some serious re-evaluating. Are you committed? Are you really in? Do you want out? Are you acting fairly? Are you working within the law? Are you willing to meet someone halfway? Are you getting your fair share? Can you shift your work focus into a new area? Is there something you can re-work when it comes to your career goals and plans?

get serious. Wake up. The sober business of RELATING is upon us. Until June, you'll come back to the table many times over as you negotiate, re-negotiate, discuss, share, trade, re-work, re-draft and ultimately come to new conclusions, contracts and commitments. Better ones.

Win-Win situations.

Stick it out, the rewards are awaiting behind the nitty gritty, seemingly unfair moments under this Phase. What;s out of balance is being re-aligned, that's all! Adjust and adapt to the discomfort and before you know it, you'll be riding with the wind and Saturn will reward your patience with something no one will be able to touch or take away.

Your Astrologer,

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