Monday, May 02, 2011

Slow, Steady, Sensual, Sexy: The Taurus New Moon (May 2)

If you've been keeping track of the blog, you'll know what Taurus represents - its the physical sign of the zodiac, earthy reality, the senses and all things relating to matter you can touch, mold, sculpt - from gardens, to haircuts, to massaging muscles to cooking to counting money.

Since the New Moon is an open door, we're invited for the next two weeks to ENJOY EDEN - whatever that is for you - a comfy fire, nice food, an expensive restaurant, a new pair of shoes, a walk in the park, a visit back to the ocean you haven't seen for years, a hug (are you being touched enough - if you can't get, Give!) satisfying sex, and so forth.

Where is your Eden?

We're not talking religion, we're talking being comfy in your own skin, where all true peace begins.

The New Moon trines the asteroid JUNO (partnership) in Virgo so others can be helpful to your crusade - especially offering helpful insight or advice or the exact data you need (a phone number, a tipoff, a recommendation or simple straightforward down to earth advice). Financially, pooling with others is a great idea (potlucks, shared lotto tickets, mutual purchases, joint investments etc).

What do you value?

Whatever you focus on, grows. This New Moon invest in things that make you feel comfy and cared for. Seeds grow in the strangest of places - plant some new ones this Monday and for the next two weeks, keep it simple, keep it real and give your time and energy to only things you think are worthwhile. Leave the rest and move on...

And as we've said before - give thanks, be thankful and show thanks for what you have. The good times have only just begun. Keep your eye on the prize, YOUR prize, and keep a smile on your face knowing it's all unfolding as it should.

Eat, drink, laugh, dance, sing - and be merry. The Universe loves a party, so host one in your heart today...and more generous guests will be sent your way.


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