Friday, September 16, 2011

New World Astrology is expanding!

After a number of synchronistic conversations and events, I am happy to introduce you to my two new departments, here at New World Astrology.

For general information and queries, you can now email Ben at and for any questions or queries specifically related to your Order, Susan will help you at

I'm happy to welcome them both - since work has increased I am unable to give you all the attention you deserve via email. I am thankful for the additional support, and can now provide you all with the information and answers you're seeking.

I'll still be here for your continued blog updates and Weekly Scopes, and of course for our regular in-person Readings.

Can you believe the Summer is on the way out? I'm excited though, as Autumn is so magical to me, and here in Twin Peaks, new animals are stirring and the campfire smell of Fall is already descending.

Your Astrologer,

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