Monday, October 10, 2011

Anger, Sex & Yourself: Aries Full Moon

How do you maintain yourself and your own Personal Identity while in a relationship? This can be a friendship, a romantic partnership, a business deal or any other type of human interaction. Where does the WE factor end and the ME factor begin?

That's the question we all have to ask during this Aries Full Moon (Oct 11). Aries relates to Selfhood - who we are outside of anyone else. Our desires. Our wants. Our needs. Me and I.

How do you express anger? That's a huge theme that is sure to pop up now. When your personal needs are not met (or you're overlooked or under appreciated) and your personal desires are thwarted, you get angry. This Full Moon, you're being urged to look at YOU, and see if you're overstepping boundaries. Are you over-pushing your own agenda or are you losing yourself and your own identity due to the influence of and interaction with other people in your life? Can balance be restore oo you need to come out fighting for your personal rights?

My South Node is in Aries so my prior lives were laden with Aries themes. I've had my fair share of conflict (who hasn't) and often the way it was dealt with wasn't the mot efficient or evolved (I'm human too), but it's been a great learning curve.

In your Birth Chart, MARS is where you look to determine what makes you mad, how you get angry and whether you have any karmic patterns that need untying this lifetime.

Born with Mars Retrograde for example (draw your Chart and locate the Symbol above, that's Mars. If it has an R next to it, that means Retrograde), you don't use your Personal Mars the same as others without it. Maybe you stifle your anger and implode (or build up so much pressure you wind up exploding). Maybe in a prior life you were violent and don't want to repeat the same pattern.

How is your Personal Mars?

Mine is in the 3rd House so i EXPRESS my anger (3rd House of Communication). Others complain sometimes I am too punchy, too direct, too aggressive in how I speak (especially when voicing my displeasure or anger). To me, I'm simply being direct and upfront in the way I hope others will be with me. Needless to say, that others don't always see it that way. My Mars, thankfully, is in pretty good shape this lifetime. If not, I'd be a limp lettuce (and a bad writer!).

This Full Moon is ruled by Mars since this is the planet connected to Aries. Impatience is sure to rise in you (be careful of speeding tickets, road rage and general argumentativeness). But so is Taking a Leap into the unknown - doing something new and courageous. Taking a Stand. Yet, Aries also relates to War, such an easy path to follow once you lose track of yourself and what you want. It's a fine line between assertiveness and aggression yet there is room for both. When faced with an attacking Mountain Lion (thankfully I've seen none in my new neighborhood yet there are bears here) your Mars kicks in and you fight back! When someone pisses you off, however your Personal Mars dictates how things may play out.

Channel your energy now into Working Out, Renovating, PHYSICAL stuff to burn off any stress you're carrying. Work on your physical appearance. Chop Wood, Carry Water. Keep busy. Get Stuff Done. Mars rules Sexuality - so anticipate extra hormones this next two weeks as we're juiced up and seeing red with "Testosterone Mars".

Remember, your Personal Desires are important - and they are rightfully yours so respect them. Because the Full Moon is a time when the Sun is opposite the Moon, the Aries Moon is opposed by the Sun in Libra - so we're still trying to figure out where WE are in all of this (Aries), surrounded by the loud needs of the OTHER in your life (Libra).

Start with yourself - root out your needs and desires. Realize not everyone can help you fulfill them but you have a better shot if you express them. Maybe try and fulfill them yourself. Be direct, upfront, clear just avoid nastiness, it's simply not worth it.

Whether you wind up having a two week period of Action Packed Adventure and New Leads or whether you have to face old issues, arguments, bangs/bruises, suppressed anger or actual violence (or just a headache) can be determined by HOW you respond to life's current events, and your Astrological Birth Chart.

I'll help you understand your Inner Mars and what your Chart says about this particular Full Moon period for you if you sign up for my special FULL MOON RITUAL READING - for one week only, from the time of each Full Moon.

Remember, you already ARE you so there is nothing to prove. The question is, can you accept you for who you are and continue working on improving your response-ability to life and taking into account the needs of others? It takes courage but that's what this Full Moon is all about.

To Assertively Fulfilling your Own Desires and Bravely Marching Forward,
Your Astrologer,

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