Friday, November 11, 2011

Taurus Full Moon: (Nov 10)

When the Sun is opposing the Moon we have the Full Moon, every month. The Moon falls in a different sign and this time it's TAURUS.

Taurus relates to many things: MONEY, material stuff (the things you own), Nature, The Senses (so music, dance, massage, taste, scents etc), Your Value System (what you think it's worth and your own self-worth) and Physicality (enjoying the physical body and physical realm).

Some examples so far:

Did you see the news that they are auctioning off (Taurus) items from the late Michael Jackson (Scorpio)? What a perfect manifestation of Taurus/Scorpio energy! We also have public demonstrations at the Bank of America (Taurus) as protests continue in Los Angeles.

In your own life, you get to figure out the balance between the Scorpio part of yourself and Chart and the Scorpio part. The Taurus Full Moon challenges you to let go of any physical tension in your body (breathe! relax!), realize that money doesn't rule your life (or try and align with this idea) and that we all can tap into the ABUNDANCE that is constantly around us.

So often we look at what we have (or don't have) in the bank to determine how we feel. But we can shift all of that simply - by getting comfy, by enjoying WHAT YOU ALREADY HAVE (since it's wealth!) and remember what we APPRECIATE AND VALUE.

Keep feeding emotional energy to what you desire. The solution, not the problem. Appreciation opens the doors of gratitude which draws even more to us.

GET GROUNDED - tap into Nature. A walk outside. A bath. Grounding root vegetables or home cooked meals. Scorpio Season is an intense time and I'm sure you're feeling it. The Taurus Full Moon can help balance out this intensity. It's simply a time to align more with your body and awareness of your physical surroundings.

Seek out BEAUTY now, (Taurus is ruled by Venus) and alleviate any stress by getting back into your body and valuing yourself.


Try it. It'll change everything.

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