Friday, June 15, 2012

Saturn in Scorpio: 2012-2014 Predictions

Saturn is the Law-Maker. Whichever sign he's in, is subject to rigorous 'reality-checks', tests, trials, limitations, frustrations, challenges and lessons.

Some historical examples: Saturn in Taurus (Mad Cow Disease..Taurus the bull) Saturn in Gemini (news regarding Freedom of Speech), Saturn in Virgo (restricted health care system), Saturn in Libra (more talk about Marriage Equality), Saturn in Sagittarius (restricted airline/international travel).

Saturn is about to move into Scorpio (October 2012) so I thought I'd give you my predictions for what you can expect to see in the news headlines as this alignments begins making itself known on Planet Earth (and within your own life).

In 2012-2014 (beginning in October but we'll no doubt see signs of these energies as soon as July, three months before the alignment), expect these stories to take hold of our headlines:

Changes in the laws governing Death: funerals, cost of burial ground/services, the 'death' industry, where and how we are buried/cremated, further talks on the laws surrounding the 'right to die', abortion, changes to/abolishment of the 'death penalty', more talk about the Dead and Dying (and the care of the elderly).

Shifts in attitudes towards Sex and Sexuality: tighter/altered laws for prostitution and pornography, possible new STDs or outbreaks (or the fear thereof), tighter control over our animal appetites, abstinence, more talk about sex crimes, changes in std testing/costs/availability, more sex scandals

Insurance Issues: stories about insurance companies not doing what they should, costs of insurance shifting, new insurance plans implemented, the fall of corrupt insurance systems

New Debt Laws:  changes in bankruptcy policy, credit card crackdown, debts being recalled/forgiven, new payment plans

Marriage Money: alimony, pre-nups, law changes related to who gets what, shifts in divorce laws

Criminal Clampdown: exposure of underground crime, pedophilic rings (and the connection to those in positions of power), major drug busts, proliferation of crime circuits and groups,

New Laws of Secrecy: the protection of those up to know good or the exposure of those hiding something, privacy issues at the forefront, more invasive measures against the public,

These are just some of the headlines I predict we'll be seeing a lot of in the next couple of years. Look for signs as early as July and watch as Saturn continues his testing of everything related to Scorpio, along with Scorpios themselves.

Stay Tuned!
Your Astrologer,
Neil D Paris


Rob S. said...

The planet Saturn has always been associated with frustation, delays and limitation. In accordance to astrology, a strong will meets fierce focus with Saturn in Scorpio. The secretiveness of Scorpio will blend naturally with the seriousness of Saturn.

Anonymous said...

don't scorpio over occult will we see restriction on anything regarding occult

Anonymous said...

adon't scorpio over occult will we see restriction on anything regarding occult