Thursday, February 28, 2013

Scorpio/Pluto and Saturn Returns: Tests of Time

My partner's Mom had a sudden and major stroke a week ago today and I've been here at the hospital daily and thought I'd take a moment to check in with you all.  My Reading Schedule is on hold but will no doubt be  back on track soon, as she is showing signs of recovery.

Diane has 4 planets in Scorpio and is going through an EXACT (and second) Saturn Return in Scorpio. Her stroke happened on the same day, in fact, that Saturn turned retrograde, right over her Natal Saturn, degrees away also from her Sun. Saturn of course relates to restrictions and rules/regulations. Scorpio is a tough sign - its transformations are deep, intense and the circumstances that arrange themselves to move through this sort of evolution are tough and arduous. To watch her tied  to the bed (Saturn limitation, Scorpio loss of control), unable to move her left side and choking on a breathing tube is a reminder to me of many things - the fragility of the human body, the sheer strength of the human body, the resilience of the spirit and the outstanding courage and strength of Scorpio.

Scorpio and Pluto are two energies you don't want to (or rather can't) mess with. Locked away in these two energies, are often lifetimes of pain and lifetimes of survival. Certainly there is understanding of life's extremes. Pain creates an inner fire, and those around us who seem fired up are no doubt the same ones that have lived through emotional turmoil of varying levels. There's a strength to Scorpio/Pluto that arises just as all seems lost. I see it time and time again.

With 6 planetary bodies in Pisces currently, we all are finding we're choosing or being forced to Submit and Surrender. Something Scorpio/Pluto just doesn't jive with (unless it's under their control). Sometimes we don't want control. Sometimes we don't have any. Pisces as the last sign dissolves everything but our connection to our core, our Soul, or Center and our Source. But the way there can involve the loss of many things. Sometimes our apparent safety. Sometimes our sense of security.

Saturn Return's are notorious times of hardship. Soul-testing. We go through it ages 28-30 and then again somewhere between 58-60. If you're around those ages, you too were born with Saturn in Scorpio. If you were, you'll be going through your own initiation, but don't worry. You have the credentials to pass every test with flying colors. You just have to put in the time and work and learn what needs to be learnt.

Throw in the sign of Scorpio and you know it's going to be Intense (Scorpio). And it's going to take Time (Saturn). Diane, unable to talk yet, is scribbling away on pieces of paper with her good hand. She has stories of 'the other side' it seems, seeing those who have already passed over. How's that for another Scorpio theme - life after death!

Here's to all who read this who have gone through, are going through or who find themselves at the doorstep to Major Unavoidable Changes. We like to believe that life is interrupted by events such as these, that something has gone 'wrong', that we are somehow to blame, but if you dig a little deeper (another Scorpio theme) you'll find that THIS IS LIFE - every moment that makes up our story. Scorpio/Pluto moments (and our Saturn Return) pull us back to THIS moment, to what really matters when we strip away (or are forced to give up or lose or say goodbye to) various parts of our life that have become 'home'.

Which reminds me of another strong soul I know - my publisher and Virgo Moon editor at the Wessex Astrologer, Margaret Cahill (born with the Moon conjunct Pluto in Virgo) who was diagnosed with Cancer just after the publication of my book at the end of 2012. Another soul tapped into Pluto who is on her own journey into the Scorpio/Pluto Underworld. You can follow her story by clicking here aptly titled "Undercover of Darkness". And finally, my father-in-law Jess is also battling Cancer. He's born with Pluto conjunct his Leo Sun.  I know these three souls have the strength to get through this, and to come out the other end of the tunnel, with even greater strength, purpose, passion, will and soul surrender, something earned only after ordeals of the "Pluto" kind. How else would we grow so much unless we're nudged a little (or a lot) sometimes? And the greatest Shadows, must come from the Greatest Lights. I'm sure you know some in your own life.

I believe in each of you.

I'm appreciating a lot more these days, thanks to these brave spiritual warriors. And for the rest of us:

Nothing lasts forever, so are we enjoying it all 
as much as we could be, 
while we still have it?  

You're tougher than you look,
Your Astrologer,

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