Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Reactions and Relationships: The Libra Full Moon (March 27)

                               Aries is about the Self, Libra (it's opposing sign) is about the Other.

Therefore the Full Moon in Libra (March 27) is about the individual versus the relationship. Full Moons spread out energy and create synergy or teamwork (or opposition!) between two signs, at a time each month when we really need it. Balance is key (another Libra theme) so this could be one of the most important Full Moons this year.

Right now we have a truckload of energy in Aries (see the Full Moon Solar Chart above) which could make us all a lot more selfish, self-driven, interested in fulfilling our own needs only. The Libra Full Moon spotlights the relationships in our lives to help spread  out some of this self-centered energy.

The United States Supreme Court (a Libra institution - just look at the symbol for Libra - the Scales of Justice) is, right now, looking at the Gay Marriage issue (Libra relates to all partnerships) which won't go away. The theme is the right to marry (Libra). Those opposing this could be seen by this Full Moon's opposite to Venus the planet ruling Libra itself, in Aries the sign of its Fall (the sign opposite to where it belongs).

We all feel out of sorts these days and relationships continue to throw up all sorts of obstacles. But the analysis of the Full Moon Chart is simple: it's all about Love. when people are the most unlovable, is the time when they need love the most.  We often know what real love is in the face of its denial or lack.
We're either moving with the flow of Love now or we are building barriers and denying its presence in our life.
                                Are you keeping love out or allowing it into your heart?

The truth is, Love is always present. We are Love. We're just moving through situations that reflect our own lack of self-love back to us. Learning how to love better. Everything playing out in the larger world now is merely a shadow of what is going on within our own minds. Even if you're in the most difficult of situations can you love yourself more and become a more loving and lovable person?

This Full Moon:

Full Moon opposing Sun: Get your ego out of the way or risk having your own reflected back to you via other people who are pushy, domineering, aggressive and me-me-me oriented. Avoid extreme emotional reactions and DON'T TAKE ANYTHING PERSONALLY. Put your personal stamp on your home environment - put up new artwork (your own would be ideal). Brighten up your space - open curtains, windows - let the light in!

Full Moon opposing Venus: We all need relationship to grow. Call up someone and get their opinion. Offer to be a sounding board (or shoulder to cry on) for someone else. Stop pushing love away or sabotaging your partnerships due to a lack of self-worth. Avoid impulsive spending to lift low spirits. Love yourself enough to allow others their emotional reactions without being pulled in. Beauty your home to ground this energy.

Full Moon opposing Mars:  Angry reactions don't help matters. Yet repress your anger and irritability and it may just 'come at you' via others. Get physical to burn off excess emotional energy.  Realize that pushing against anything will be reflected back to you by even greater resistance and pushing.

Full Moon opposing Uranus: Sometimes you just need a little space to breathe and see things from a new perspective. Otherwise you wind up taking your momentary feelings and thinking they are everything. Feelings always blow over. Change your routine! Sometimes that's all that's needed to give your life a breath of fresh air. If not, Change finds you via the back door and upsets all your comfort zones. Embrace the unknown - it teaches you more about yourself. re-arrange furniture at home, create a new home environment!

Full Moon square Pluto: You have to purge icky feelings. How? by realizing any reaction is an attachment and you came to the physical world to learn to release attachments! Why? Because ultimately you'll lose everything and everyone. That's a wake-up call, right? Experience a series of Emotional Deaths now, and you'll be better off. What is left behind when all reactions have cooled, is the real stuff. The rest was just an unhealthy hook keeping you chained to something you felt you needed but didn't. Great time to ditch bad habits. It's time to destroy any old modes of selfishness (Aries) and looking to anyone else for a sense of that self (Libra).Throw our garbage at home and anything you no longer need, wear, value. Fix broken stuff or chuck it out! Intense feelings now usually stem from past issues, old deep wounds and past-life stuff you're still dragging around. Realize the Present is just the trigger and most likely, the issue is not 'out there' but something deep within that needs your love, acceptance and ultimately, releasing.

Full Moon trine Juno (asteroid of marriage and equality): The lighthouse amidst the storm. A Libra Full Moon supported by Juno reinforces the theme that Love, Marriage, Agreement, Compromise, Cooperation are all given the green light. Just because conflict exists doesn't mean things are wrong. We learn through OPPOSITION (the ultimate theme of a Full Moon) and we learn about ourselves (Aries) through what we face in the reflection  of the Other (Libra).

We need the others in our lives so avoid isolation. Ask for help. Be there for others. Hash it out. Enter the ring, then take a break when the bell rings. Draw boundaries but feel free to erase or change them. Know that ultimately, how you feel about something does not reflect the truth of the situation.

                                       Emotions are fickle things, but Love is eternal.

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