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Embracing the Dark Side: Scorpio Lunar Eclipse (April 25)

We all get antsy around Eclipses. Things become unsettled. We feel it in our core. Without realizing it, we all hunger for CHANGE about this time, but we may not be sure what that change is or how it should 'look'. One simple way to investigate its effects for you personally: The house our Scorpio Eclipse falls in (5 degrees Scorpio) is the area of our life Marked for a Major Metamorphosis.

The truth is, we need change or we'd die. Skin cells rejuvenate. We need to let go of the in breathe in order to take in more air.

But as creatures of habit (Taurus), 
we sometimes need to be forced to change (Scorpio).

Lunar Eclipses are great times to SHED. A time to shake loose any Emotional Cling-Ons (anxieties, fears, habits, patterns, wounds, grievances, resentments). Often we find life shakes everything up for us, so that we have no choice but to move through the changes being offered up to us on our individual life paths. Change doesn't necessarily have to be difficult.

This Scorpio Lunar Eclipse intensifies everything (especially our feelings) for one important reason: the stronger we feel something, the more likely we are to make a necessary change. In the weeks and months ahead you'll get to see just how strongly you feel about something and what you are willing to do (or have to do) to change/evolve.

The shadow-side of a Scorpio Lunar eclipse is just that: 
Emotional Reactions.

 As soon as we step into the arena of trying to control things or people or our own feelings, the more problems we create for ourselves. Projecting blame on others. Pointing the finger. Unleashing our inner rage at having no control or power. Sometimes people snap, under a Lunar Eclipse. Emotions reach a breaking point. This, then, becomes the Release Point. Many of us make major changes too quickly, as the celestial energy seems to inspire us to "Make a Change Now!" But that usually isn't the best course to take. Around Eclipse times I advise people to slow down and not to overreact. Old core wounds can be triggered. People decide to break up suddenly or walk out of a job. But that's just a symptom of feeling the need to "make any change at any cost" rather than Stay And Face The Root Cause of Any Emotional Darkness you may be feeling.

Cycle 8 in my book Surfing Your Solar Cycles will give you more information on the themes we'll be working through for the  next 3-6 months. And you can combine it with with Cycle the Lunar Eclipse falls in for you.

Darker emotions sabotage everything we have built to date (the Builder Taurus Sun opposing the Destroyer Scorpio Full Moon Lunar Eclipse). Deep down inside of every human lies the seeds of Darkness, and our inner demons love nothing more than to come out and create havoc just when we think we've gotten a handle on our human lives. This Eclipse is a time when meany-energies are out in force seeking to rob us of our Magic Dust and our connection to the Light.

Eclipses, remember, block the Light from us in a variety of ways (Lunar Eclipses see the reflected light of the Moon, blocked by the shadow of the Earth...Solar Eclipses see the Sun's light blocked by the Moon herself). At eclipse time, hold strong to your Light, knowing you'll be challenged in some form. Keeping a candle burning is a great idea, as  a symbolic act of navigating through this moment of darkness.

But the great thing about the light going out, 
is that you see that much clearer 
when it comes back on.

Sometimes we need these trigger points. And that's when the Eclipses arrive, like clockwork. And it's why our ancestors worked very hard at mapping out when the Eclipses fell.

The bright-side of a Scorpio Lunar Eclipse is that it helps cleanse you of that which you no longer need, that which ultimately is NOT you, thus revealing your true power again to yourself (a power you'd not see if it continued to be blocked and clouded by your emotional reactions and attachments to things or people (or feelings) that have given you a false sense of self or sense of security.

And Security is what it's all about right now, or so it seems. The Taurus-Scorpio axis, highlighted by the Lunar Eclipse, brings a bubbling-up of anxieties over money (especially in relationships), sex drives and desires/needs (again, within relationships we may find someone wants more, someone needs less, etc). Oppositions play out in our relationships with other people (even the cashier at the supermarket). Other themes triggered by this eclipse: what's YOURS versus what's MINE (can we share or should we keep it divided?), alimony (who gets what) and taxes (investigations, audits) inheritances and estates (who's in control?), credit cards and debt (who owes what to whom?), deaths or endings, what should stay what should go, creating or destroying.

Taurus-Scorpio energies may be different poles on the  Security Axis but they are still an illusion, a representation of energy replacing a full spiritual connection to our Source within. Once we attain something (Taurus), we move into fear of losing it (Scorpio)! When we let go of something (Scorpio), we feel the void where something tangible (Taurus) used to be and thus go on the hunt for a substitute. The best place to live during an eclipse is BETWEEN THE TWO SIGNS INFLUENCED. Enjoy what you have (Taurus) while you have it and honor what is leaving (Scorpio) trusting that the time is right. Remember, one day, we too shall depart from this place. These Eclipses are practices runs from the ultimate release.

When something or someone leaves and you continue on, 
you prove to yourself time and time again that 
Death is But an Illusion,
 and it's certainly not the end.

Unleash your destructive side this Eclipse but in healthy ways!  Channel your passion into something constructive (a house clean-up, a work project etc).  Throw something away. Especially that which is broken beyond repair. Give something away. Others could find your trash is their treasure.

You'll feel intense at times. The global picture will certainly seem intense (Pluto, which rules this Scorpio Lunar Eclipse is squaring Uranus, the planet ruling sudden zaps of lightening and awakening). People continue to feel the pulled between maintaining the status quo and wanting change. Finding it impossible to maintain their status quo and change thrust upon them. We are all experiencing these paradigms in various degrees.

Your tiny dilemma likely mirrors a major problem 
you're seeing on the nightly news!

How you handle your own Darkness, affects the amount of darkness on Planet Earth. You play a huge role, in how you navigate what life is presenting to you. The sudden changes we'll see are not sudden at all but the final result of a bubbling, boiling, energy that has been building for some time. Lunar Eclipses reveal what's been going on beneath the surface and from behind the scenes.  It's what you do with the knowledge that counts, not getting emotionally caught up (Scorpio) in the manifestations (Taurus).

Dormant Emotional Volcanoes are now set to blow. Weather may actually change dramatically too, I've seen it countless times now. Eclipse time sets the stage for a ripple effect on Planet Earth. Quakes, volcanic activity, widespread emotional release, the rising and purging of Fear. Don't worry, it's common, and nothing to worry about. Even the Planet Earth has its own growth cycles, just as we do!

What can you do? Keep a check on your Dark Side. When you feel ready to unleash, can you hold strong, dig your heels in (Taurus) and refuse to pollute your corner of the cosmos with further, pain, anguish, torture and fear (Scorpio)?

Can you rise above?

Anger may rise, but within us lives a Phoenix who can rise higher.  Similarly, we evolve higher now not by resisting our Dark Sides, but by Embracing them.

The Highest level of the Scorpio sign: the Eagle who, when faced with a storm, flies above the rainclouds.  Seek a Higher Perspective.

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Your Astrologer,

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