Sunday, July 07, 2013

New Moon in Cancer (July 8th) : How ya feeling?!

The Cancer New Moon:  Jul 8, 2013. 0:14am

See that large green triangle? It's a GRAND WATER TRINE. Connecting Neptune (5Pisces) to Saturn (4Scorpio) and Jupiter (2Cancer). Neptune/Saturn/Jupiter is about spiritual surrender/hard work/faith.

We all need these three attributes to get through the months ahead. Grand Water Trines offer an Escape Route Through Tears of Joy or Sorrow. 

The floodgates are opening, whether we like it or not. Too much pressure (Pluto opposing the Moon) inevitably leads to some form of breakdown or breakthrough, to make way for something better.

The New Moon in Cancer urges us all to Make Home. To realize that the past is gone and that there's no use picking at it. Where is home? A physical building? Or a feeling within?

CHIRON IN PISCES continually reminds is to Let It Go. Pray about it, Surrender it up to your God(s). Forgive. Soothe. Calm. Float. Exactly trine (13 degrees) the North Node of Karmic Evolution has the same message. To move forward we have to keep Feeling Our Feelings and Not Getting Stuck There,  And trine the Cancer New Moon, again another reminder that you have to find an oasis of calm security,  nest to withdrawn to, a safe space within, even amidst the most turbulent of times.
Even if you have to run to the bathroom to cry and regroup.

Real transformation comes now by going deeply, deeply, deeply into a feeling. Only then can it be relieved. RELIVE to RELIEVE, it's the mantra I offer in my Surfing Your Solar Cycles under Cycle 4 (the chapter relating to House 4 and the sign of Cancer - the theme we are collectively moving through).

This NEW MOON connects with RETROGRADE MERCURY  - asking us to look back and learn, to truly FEEL the emotional lessons and experiences of the past because so often while "in the moment" we miss things. Emotions take time to process. We need to go back over them to finally feel them fully so they have passed on their wisdom and can finally be freed up from our energy space.

We just lost our home this end to a fire as you already may have read, and so this rings doubly true, 'you can't go home again', 'home isn't a place it's an internal and unshakable feeling of security'. I'm still learning that one (I was born with a 4th House Pisces Sun and Mercury both squaring Neptune).

When you lose something externally, you have a chance
 to  build it and find it internally. 
Perhaps the external loss is a sign of your newly reclaimed inner gain?

Venus in Leo squaring the Lunar Nodes reminds us that we need to keep playing, to hold on to Joy. To find and feel Love no matter what because without it, we develop back into unhealthy stagnant and stuck materialistic and dense energy patterns (Taurus). With a childlike sense of glee, wonder and creative possibilities, we can evolve beyond the shadows of our painful pasts (North Node in Scorpio).

Things hurt. Especially right now. Many of us are crying, frustrated, blocked, trapped.
No way out? Nowhere to turn? No one to rely on?

The Cancer New Moon has one message loud and clear:

How you feel is totally justified. Understandable. You have to give it time (Saturn).
You have to wallow a bit (Neptune) and allow yourself to feel a little lost, sad, overwhelmed.
Seemingly 'off track'. To remember that where you are wounded (Chiron) lies a wisdom
that no one can take from you but that which you can offer others in their Time of Need.
That Faith and Hope and Optimism are always there close by, if you choose
to reach for them. As possibilities of a better tomorrow. And let's face it, during times
like these the only way is up. And yes of course, since Saturn in Scorpio won't allow
us to sugarcoat anything anymore, sometimes you have to hit rock bottom in order
to finally be able to bounce back.

Finally URANUS IN ARIES is a constant inner and outer urge to follow the dictates of what personal freedom means to you. You HAVE to figure yourself out now. What goes, what stays. Where You Need to Make Changes. And it starts from the ground up under this Cancer New Moon. If your emotional foundation is wobbly, anything you build is laced with insecurity.

Start with the basics. Eat. Drink Water. Find a comfy place to rest. Remember the safe and comfy and happy times. Feel them again in the present. Go easy. Give yourself time. Nap. Listen to soothing music (or sad stuff to let the tears finally roll). If you need to withdraw, do so. But not to hide long-term.

This period is a PIT STOP in a larger cycle that still asks that we get up and keep going and keep trying. Nothing lasts forever and behind every physical event, is a spiritual meaning and a Higher Purpose.

No we can't see it from this perspective but try this:  Picture another Yourself, a more highly evolved one, the one that knows the whys and hows behind what you are currently going through. You're somewhere else right now. Another dimension? Heaven? Whispering to you in moments of calm stillness (which can be hard to hear when you're consumed by feelings). Or simply standing watching you now, laughing at how seriously you are taking this all Down Here On Earth yet how proud too that you're getting through this Illusion (yet very real feeling) Classroom of Life.

When in doubt, give yourself a hug and know that EVERYONE - everyone EVERYWHERE is under the same planetary alignments in various degrees and going through a rough patch in some form.  Let that nurture you. Times may be tough but things ARE getting better. I said it years ago and I'll say it again now:

When things seem really dire, dark or destructive 
on the outside/surface,
amazing things are taking root and taking shape 
on the inside and in the depths.

Don't get lost watching the TV movie of the outside world.
Stay close to your heart, listen close to your instinct and calm yourself.

Be the Best Mom you can be to yourself. Guilt free.

Your Astrologer,

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Anonymous said...

Excellent insight and advice. Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

What an utterly marvelous commentary! I am a natal Cancer/five natal planet stellium Cancer in the 8th house and that is EXACTLY how I am feeling. I told my husband for the next few weeks, I want this to be "me" time, nurturing, healing, beautiful, beauty. I am finding almost an obsession with beauty in music, art, everyday objects, food. I want to take even better care of my body, explore girly beauty products, lol, but what I learn now I want to last. There is no frivolity here. Maybe because I am a natal Saturn in Scorpio about to experience her **second** Saturn return (with natal five planets in Cancer, just got done with a few miserable years of Saturn squaring all of them; he's still squaring/will be squaring my three natal LEO planets, lol, so I'm not out of the woods yet)And I love what you wrote about Saturn in Scorpio. I am OUT OF PATIENCE with bullshit! Everybody's including my own. It occurs to me that, if I state what I really see, really experience, really think, I will have NO friends and even less social acceptance than I do now, and I am just an average person(well, my husband loves me, lol) because I can't live any longer with the surface bullshit that passes for living, for understanding. I'm polite, I'm mannerly, but I can't be silenced any longer. Maybe the "greater good" needs this, too. If I don't do this, I can't live with myself. And all I see around me is hypocrisy...those who try to fix others (read: fix ME) who know nothing about me and even LESS about themselves. No one god, political party, no one sex, no "ungod" path, no one race, no one country/nationality has the one/true/holy/perfect/right answer. And BTW, as a five- natal Cancer planet Stellium in the 8th, I am/will be experiencing Uranus in Aries squaring ALL of them and Pluto in Capricorn OPPOSING all of them. Did you ever see the movie: "V for Vendetta"? I feel like that scene when the experimentation center explodes and V is released--reborn--through the fires, and he stand there, engulfed in flames, roaring; AND I feel like Natalie Portman, being released from prison, standing in the rain. Because you can't have one without the the other. Anyway, Neil, I hope you and your family are doing better, and I thank you for your hard work and this opportunity to express myself.