Saturday, November 02, 2013

The Angels & Demons of the Scorpio Solar Eclipse (Nov 3)

The Solar Eclipse at 11 degrees Scorpio, (4;49am PST) occurs at the North Node, thus opposes (challenges) the South Node - our place of comfort and our absolute stubborn resistance to letting it change, evolve, or die.

Thus the Solar Eclipse in Scorpio is simply another "opportunity" to do some spiritual housekeeping - which inevitably means having our physical lives rearranged accordingly as we clean out the cobwebs, raise the dead spirits of our ancestral pain and pry open the locked trunks and blocked closets containing our secrets, shames or other assorted skeletons.

If you don't - someone else will.

Life invades and violates us sometimes during these Eclipses. Or so it would seem. But the true message of a Solar Eclipse in Scorpio is to allow for the eclipsing of your sense of self, your confidence in yourself, or your acceptance of yourself, so that you may gain these very same things - your very sense of self, new confidence and a stronger acceptance of yourself, and the process called Life.
What is taken away is valued all the more.

That's how Eclipses work.

They change the light, the affect the interplay of light and dark on the planet. The Sun doesn't want to be eclipsed. it wants to share the honor of our Bright Light, our Ego, our Inner Child. But wait, when the light goes out is when we truly get to understand, acknowledge what it is when we're suddenly blinded by its brightness once again. We know the Light, through the Dark sometimes.

Since the Solar Eclipse is in Scorpio we can safely assume this means an Ego-Death of some form as the necessary step forward in our spiritual evolution. But we do have Angels on our sides  for the road ahead (we'll get to the demons).

We have a fixation on the Dark Side (notice the proliferation of Zombie and Vampire), or we're Fighting it every which way we can. Scorpio always takes sides. It's the nature of the Beast, excuse the pun. Angels often come disguised, but so too do the Demons.

Saturn, the steely one who reminds us that Time reveals all because nothing stands up to time. Saturn is his own Grim Reaper only he measures it, he doesn't rape us of it, like Pluto. Saturn Angels are the life experiences disguised as painful barriers and hurdles. They test you. They wear you down to see what you're made of. They feel like a hangover. They leave lasting impressions and you say I MADE IT and no one can take that from you. (Scorpios take note especially since Saturn's been in your Sign so you are earning your spiritual stripes right now). Saturn demons are the feelings of failure and quitting under the heavy load of the same painful barriers and hurdles. Either you push on or you give up. Sink or Swim. Saturn demons like to drag you under.

Mercury Retrograde honors up with his presence in Scorpio too so that we have no choice but to retrace our steps so that a new wiring can be created in our brains of a new way, a new possibility. A new way this can play out - finally? But thoughts are just thoughts so could we just simply be repeating mental programming and analysing it in a replay of the exact same energy? Loops of experience, loops of thought and further loops of experience. Can we break the spell? Yes with commitment and focus (Mercury/Saturn). It won't be easy. Nothing worthwhile is. It's a tough world and sometimes we see it's harsher, colder, more sober, starker and darker version. That's the Scorpio stellium. A feeling of unsafety, or things falling apart. Of forced change. Or plain and simple Trauma. Mercury Retrograde Angels however arrive in the form of conversations that get to the very bone when it comes to raw, honest feeling and the sharing of unimaginable passions and pains. Mercury Retrograde Angels are experiences designed to help us to review our pain so that we can find some buried (Scorpio) gold amongst the dirt of destruction. Some new ideas on healing or getting stronger or gaining more power. Sometimes you have to hurt to grow stronger.

Demons abound during these times. Psychic vampires, sexual demons, reptilian businessmen and who knows what other assorted hellish beings may be walking around. In our houses, in our personal spaces. Or is it all just in our heads? After all Mercury is retrograde and what we see outside is a physical representation of our spiritual current place in our evolution and experience. You get to see where your head is, or where it goes sometimes. You get to rewire it. Mercury Retrogrades I have come to understand as cosmic strokes - affecting our brains, giving them a chance to be rewired and reprogrammed with better material. Mercury Retrograde Demons (remember Scorpio is the true meeting of the Living with the Underworld Realm of Pluto) are those thoughts that plague us, for the simple pleasure they have in making us feel hooked on feeling lousy.  Are we being tested, could we be surrounded by snakes? Replaying pain is a form of post traumatic torture for all of us. Suspicion is our enemy, while in the past may have been our rescuer. You can never quite tell under this Eclipse. The light changes suddenly and what you thought was real, has changed. Mercury Retrograde Demons try to keep you trapped in a painful past but inevitably help you wise you up to where you burned your hand on the ring that way last time.

The meeting of the Sun and Moon heralds a potential deepening commitment to diving into your heart, into your mind and into your soul to find a purpose, passion and a power within you. Whatever that is. We're all called to walk through the Spiritual Metal Detector: anything that is unnecessary for the road ahead from this point on (a job, a relationship, an attachment, a person, a situation) could leave us, as the cosmos to come to remind you that leaves fall off trees each year to make way for the seedsthat will become next year's blossom.

 Change has a purpose. And you're ready for it. That's the Scorpio North Node Eclipse, in a nutshell. You just have to Act Powerful, thus evoking the natural magician within you (Scorpio) and facing life will a steely resilience - at least for now.

Anticipate some final farewells. Goodbyes are inevitable during true change. But also some re-connections with loved ones who have passed over with a message here, a signal there of their presence since Mercury is retrograde. Or in the form of getting ourselves out of Mental Hell due to injuries suffered on life's thorny path.  Mercury Retro in Scorpio leads us into the labyrinth of the mind but doesn't promise a way out unless we seek it in New Thinking (or the re-thinking of the old in new ways). What you focus on grows. That's the bummer sometimes. There are also re-connections though, old deaths rise up again - you think its gone then IT'S BACK! A recreating of things, sometimes in the image of of their past selves, but also of new ways, means and abilities. We get to try on a new hat and see how it feels.

People can change. People are changing. Because lives are changing. Daily.
And we change with our circumstances, as it should be.
"Accelerated change" always has the same feeling, but it quite simply means more
is happening in a shorter space of time.

When Death comes knocking, honor that which has passed,
and turn again to face Life, because deep down, as a wise
Scorpio once told me, "those who are yours 
never truly leave you". 

You have to say goodbye to one thing in order to roll out the welcome mat for something new. Old energies return in new packages, and new energies can spring from the roots of old energies. Anything is possible now. Passion, Purpose and Power are needed to face the fear and surrender control, if only for a Moment.

Welcome your Angels and Respect your Demons,
Your Astrologer,


Maureen said...

Thank you, Neil. I needed that because I've been struggling with my demons and just told them to go to hell. Going to concentrate on the power I do have and not on what I don't.

Maureen said...

Thank you, Neil. I needed that because I've been struggling with my demons and just told them to go to hell. Going to concentrate on the power I do have and not on what I don't.

Paola said...

Thank you so much for this profound article on the Scorpio Solar Eclipse. I resonate with all stated. There is so much clarity in the way you express all this complex energies springing now. Thank you for inspiring my Mercury Retrograde in transit on my second house that make me revisit my deep values. I honor your knowledge, intuition and expression of the latter. And yes i do feel we are ready for this change, the impulse of evolution and Eros as its energy is pulsing hard... Thank you again. Namaste