Wednesday, April 02, 2014



This April, join my KARMA CLASS 

A 20-minute personal audio emailed direct to you where you'll stop into the "karmic classroom". I'll lay it down for you in plain and simple terms what you came here to learn, what you forgot, your "karmic signature" - patterns from your past that may replay today. We'll explore your Karmic Lunar Nodes & their rulers, Saturn and Pluto alignments, your 12th House skeletons and your chart as seen from a karmic and past life perspective. 

Your soul remembers. Isn't it time you did?

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Anonymous said...

I was not believing in astrology for a long time but then I met a friend and got more and more into it. I did a lot of research and became more open minded. I even had a lucky strike on greatbritish bingo. okay that's not the most important thing. But as you were writing you can really feel a change. Lot's of my surroundings are somehow impatient and me too. Tomorrow I will go hiking for some days, getting out of the city and try to find some balance for me again.