Sunday, June 08, 2014

Moving under Mercury Retrograde in Cancer...

Mercury is Retrograde in Cancer (the 'Home' sign) and Neptune is visiting my Home - just entering my 4th House (the House of the Home). Already the tide is dissolving the foundations. What foundations? They were already taken by the fire of May 2013! Born with a Pisces Sun and Mercury in the 4th, square Neptune you'd think my home would be swallowed up by the ocean, not burned to the ground. But the theme remains the same - intangible outer security creates the necessity for tangible inner security. And that's a tough one.

Nice in theory, rough as hell in practice.

The Universe works in mysterious ways, and Neptune/Pisces energy teaches us one thing above all - sometimes you can fight the tide (like those fish that swim upstream) or you can let it carry you.

As "fate" steps in once more, I have to relocate again. I went back and calculated it (Mercury Retrograde in Cancer is THE "Memory Lane" phase) and in my going-on-13 years in the USA, I've moved 24 times! Maybe I'll write a book on the many reasons why (the genre will be mixed - adventure/horror/comedy).

Now, as the Neptune tide turns (about to go retrograde in my 4th, ruling my 4th), a marijuana grower and her son moved in (not that I had a complaint about that) and I'm having to move out. I like to see it as another Upgrade, a sign that my wings are ready again to take another flight.

I have to move by July 1 so Weekly Scopes are on hold - but the ones up are still relevant as Mercury Retrograde lasts until then.

My natal 4th House Sun in Pisces with Mercury, squared by Neptune in Sagittarius has always been a curious alignment to be born under. The way I describe it: picture a man standing on an island of his own, formed after a giant earthquake has cracked away at the land. He's floating away but he's reaching, reaching for what looks like security and safety of the gang of people across the other side, physical land, or physical connection, of family and a sense of belonging, of safety. Continental Drift of the Emotional Kind.

Safety, Security, Roots - these concepts are very personal to me and yet foreign in many areas (I live in the emotional waters of Pisces in the watery 4th House of human emotions and our Soul). They often elude me in all areas but my work. In the uncertainty and in the unknown, in the emotional and in the soul, I find the safety, security and roots more earthy signs find just by being here, on Planet Earth. My clients allow themselves to drown with me, only to discover those little forgotten pearls and reminders from the bottom of their own inner world.

 Sometimes  - a lot of times, when you're born under the alignments I myself were - you have nothing left but to stand (or lie down) and surrender. Because the Universe can take what it wants from you, at any moment, on the way to giving you what you truly want. If you can let it go. Hard to believe, huh? But then my Neptune in Sagittarius is a spiritual call to Faith and to the Journey, after all.

There's always the other side to Neptune and Pisces energy. The part of me that wants to 'check out'. Beam up up! (If I'm taken by aliens - no doubt my real family - you'll know why). But that's the same part that enables me to 'tune in' to other realms of energy.We all carry a curse and a blessing, two sides of the same coin. The astrological hand we were dealt. I continue to do my Best, as I hope you are, in trying to Stay in your Light, Stand in your Strength, Be Proud of your Effort and Salute your Soul's Balls (whether you're male or female in this incarnation) in deciding to come here

I'll check in when I can, between finding a new place to call "home" and when there's something going on we should all know about.

Swim on!

Your Astrologer,

Please continue to order your Astrology Reports and Readings with me - all of them will be answered and sent in the order they are received. Readings will take place from July onwards, possibly August for a re-adjustment period. Karma Classes will be completed by then also so hang in there, it'll be worth the wait! But I will endeavor to email your Astrology Reports out to you as quick as I possibly can.

P.S My laptop needs to be sent in for repair at the same time as everything else is happening. So if your life looks a little 'crazy' - take heart, it's just the cosmic climate. Things will look different soon enough. And we can be ever-thankful for the fact that our lives are built on Cycles and Nothing Stays the Same. Therein lies our comfort and hope.


Anonymous said...

I miss you and your weekly horoscopes - as a Pisces myself, I felt your story deeply - some difficult days! I'm wishing the very best for you and waiting for your return.

Anonymous said...

Hi Neil, I'm missing you and your weekly scopes. As a Pisces myself, I feel your pain - difficult days/ life ...! I'm wishing you the best of luck and awaiting your return!

Neil D Paris said...

Thank you for your message my sensitive Pisces and for your positive energy. SO glad you enjoy the weeklies. Happy 2015!