Monday, March 07, 2016

Solar Eclipse @ 18 Pisces - March 8th 2016

                                           SOLAR ECLIPSE at 18 PISCES - March 8th

New awakenings and awareness; dawning realizations of our ability to take an emotional blow and not be obliterated but instead pull our fragmented selves (Pisces, the sign that combines all the others) together to become wiser, stronger, a Healer (Pisces higher) instead of remaining forever a wounded victim (Pisces lower) or becoming a 'Hurter'. We find this now through surrender, admitting emotional defeat (sadness, depression, grief, regret, shame and so forth) then releasing long-held or pent up feelings. Tears, outbursts, sadness, sudden rage, sometimes exhilaration accompany this Solar Eclipse (along with the beautifully haunting music, poetry, movies and art that are birthed around this time) that sees us all experiencing a profound new awareness of how we're feeling and how connected our internal world is to the external world we awaken to after every dream,.

The New Moon is opposed by Jupiter in Virgo reminding us that tolerance of our innate sensitivity, fragility, vulnerability must be not clouded by the many voices of criticism around and within us. Too many details pollute the Pisces Solar Eclipse vision of how the overall feeling of the desired outcome will be. We may find fortune in the laying out of a plan, with the necessary or possible steps to take ahead, but we could also lose the psychic feeling of the very thing we want to see made manifest (Virgo). Pisces holds the hologram of the complete picture, Virgo brings in the pieces to build it.

Conjunct the South Node, this Eclipse screams: Quit chasing old emotional tunnels that empty out in familiar bottomless bogs (south Node in Pisces)! while remaining true to your Soul, by honoring every feeling and not getting hooked into acting out any old emotional material.
Aided by an opportunistic sextile from Pluto, this is spiritual surgery and cosmic colonics at its finest, whatever you strip off of yourself now, can be gone for good if you're willing to give them up.  A  wise (if judgmental) Saturn square from Sagittarius watches and does not allow us to cross the line or break the law of our own individual and collective lives. He reminds us that faith better be a part of our plan and actions (as well as humor, common sense, optimism and commitment!) for any dream to come true now.

Overall, a dreamy Eclipse that has a few triggers in place to speed up our spiritual evolution. The old is reawakened, for better or worse. Often both. New beginnings contain important seeds of the past. Feelings run high, as we all seek some form of release, surrender This is 2016's spiritual vortex - throw your karmic garbage in, become lighter without it.

A visual: A majestic waterfall cascading down on you, cleansing your head and heart  of all things hurtful or heavy.​

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