Monday, July 18, 2016

Structured Reaching: Mercury in Leo trine Saturn in Sagittarius


Need some mental stability, a fresh optimistic attitude, 
a new broad stroke of color to your creative offerings?
 Mercury in Leo has us Thinking Of The Fun we're about to have, 
or the Joy That's Sorely Missing
Playful (and Playing) minds can now tap into the Saturn in Sagittarius anchor - 
downloading Wisdom and Honesty - and some much needed 
"structured reaching" 
 to temper overly dramatic communications and conversations 
(within and without)...
Narrow minds are offered an opening now, recklessness is given a word of caution 
(and any appropriate Saturn limitation) and we may just discover a few Set in Stone Beliefs -
 and Judgments - blocking a more joyous head space, at least right now.

Channel thought into Learning Something to overcome inertia, 
Going Someplace to gain perspective or 
Passing On something about your own story, in order to draw in Feedback or Support.
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