Friday, May 12, 2017

The Webs of the Scorpio Full Moon conjunct Asteroid Arachne

May 10th Scorpio Full Moon conjunct Asteroid Arachne
two week influence

Caught in a web or ripping ourselves from one?

Full Moon in Scorpio = an ending, release, loss. Choice or Force.

The "Cosmic Cleanse".

Intense Emotion. Dark. Hidden. Subtext. Covert. Maybe evil is made obvious.
Full Moon = revelation, illumination. Moonlight can color things. With bias and emotion.
Don't let emotions overwhelm you. Don't make it so black or white you become ruthless.
Scorched Earth policy. Nuke. Utter destruction. Worth it? 

Crimes of Passion.

What isn't right or isn't working? We shall see. Choice either to REMOVE THE CANCER FROM YOUR LIFE or CONTINUE TO LET IT DRAIN & DESTROY YOU. Tell it to keep its grubby hands off of you.! This is the Screw You Full Moon of 2017. You still have time to show the Universe what you're truly ready to "Say No" to, and gain the cosmic backing to do just that.

You can overcome many demons under this Moon, so don't waste a chance to at least make some sort of mental prayer within on what you no longer want to haunt you. This is a Major Turning Point.

Think deeply, breathe deeper and be willing to let go of something completely, utterly, totally and finally.. And perhaps a rebirth will see its return. If not, your Soul Path involves something entirely different, and altogether Better.

Sextile Pluto, we have the structures in place to aid us in this. All cleansing and detoxing are aided.

Asteroid Arachne is involved in this one - her themes? Trickery. Seduction. Building something. Intricate details. A lurking menace aka black widow. Trapped?  In something sticky?

Shady (and shaded) goings-on this month...

Drama - intense flavor of public events, more extreme that usual. People go off the deep end more easily. Long bubbling emotional issues come bursting forth like volcanos once dormant.

Things are NOT what they seem right now.

Tap into psychic power. Scorpio Moons are great for depth soul work and intuitive insight. 
Clean up your outsides, and your insides too. Sweep. Dust. It's symbolic of cleansing and is a meditation unto itself. 

ruthless removals - this is the time when people may cut each other off in extreme ways, that may or may not stick. But often we are so hungry for complete change we can start sabotaging our lives 'as they are'. Make sure all your actions have your full backing and avoid making emotional decisions in the Moment that are not coolly thought out.

trash collecting - gather up what you no longer and toss it. Refuse to go back through old rubbish for things that you could really do without. 

emotional eruption - as mentioned earlier - extreme reactions. Be aware. Stay chill.

life/death etc - things may or not be this serious. But this Full Moon waning period definitely has a darker and more serious tone to it. If you find yourself faced with serious life or death issues, trust that you have survival programmed into you and you shall pass through all fires unscathed and ready to tell the rest of us about it. From one who knows!

Enjoy passion again, don't be afraid of anything besides Fear itself. And sometimes going all the way one direction is the ultimate impetus to fire the other in the hopes of finding wisdom somewhere along the way.

After the darkness always comes dawn. Remember this now.

May all Beings free themselves from anything depleting.

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Russell Sveda said...


This is astonishingly accurate, for what I am experiencing now. I'm glad to know it's not just me.