Sunday, June 24, 2007

Forecasts are up!

As Mercury continues to drag us all back into the past, our minds wander to early places and faces and WHOOSH we’re right back there again – or are we? Can you ever truly go back home? Things change, and not a single occurrence is exactly the same way the second time. Could something be worth a second shot, or is it time to re-write your current “history-in-the-making”? The Capricorn Full Moon by the weekend says ‘get a grip, stop sniveling and get back on track!’. As soon as you have a goal, you’re no longer sweating the small stuff and climbing higher and on your way to the top.

Read the latest for your sign this week, and take a look at the newly designed Reading Page - you'll find an extensive list of ALL possible readings and reports you can get with me, from me or by me. Reports are emailed to you within 24 hours, and you can schedule personal professional Readings by telephone or in person (In Los Angeles).

Site has never been easier to use and you'll also find a few surprises there too!


PS Catch me live on webcam for the forecast segment on GayDar Radio live tomorrow night at 11.30pm PDT, 2.30am (Tue morning EDT) and 8.30am GMT. Just check the first page of the site for the View Webcam link.

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