Monday, June 18, 2007

New beginnings, The past returning: Gemini New Moon and Mercury Retrograde

A lot is going on right now. Like you need reminding, huh?

If anything, it's all in your head of course. Since that's where most activity happens when Mercury goes retrograde. Chances are you're already rethinking one major aspect of your life - your relationship, your career prospects, one connection, your neighborhood, a possible trip.

Let's break it down:

The New Moon in Gemini is in effect and the theme is NEW IDEAS - it's a fantastic time to look around, keep your eyes and ears open, to think though possible new experiences you want to move towards, and to keep an open mind all in all. It's difficult with so many other things vying for attention.

But keep this in mind throughout this entire post - IT'S ALL IN YOUR HEAD.

The New Moon in Gemini asks us to focus on how we speak, how we think, how we talk to others AND ourselves, our inner mental tapes. How we relate to the environment, what names we use for things and people (which them take on the persoalities we give them), and if we're using boredom or if boredom is using us.

Communication now is the name of the game - it all boils down to that somehow, in someway. Watch your thoughts, your mental patterns now. The old magical Law of Attraction 'if it doesn't bring you joy, make you feel good and focus on what you want as opposed to what you dont want/like then DONT THINK ABOUT IT' is in action now - but sheesh, isn't this difficult?

Yes, and it's made doubly difficult now with Mercury Retrograde when our past thoughts come back full circle along with the words we said and the things we never did have a chance to say. We get a second run now but are we spinning our circles and repeating history or are we finding a new way ahead.

mercury retrogrades in Cancer now, bringing us a period of NOSTALGIA -- it's happened to me a lot lately, I was walking down the street in Hollywood when I caught a whiff of the fountains nearby and it reminded me of the scent in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland. And the next moment i smelled a bonfire that took me back to Autumn in Seattle. My partner brought home cinnamon sticks, fresh ones, and I opened the jar and immediately I felt a bittersweet pang of a Christmas I spent up north. I felt sad and happy all at once. And I remembered the people and places and FEELINGS that related to that smell and those times.

Mercury is all in the head, but Cancer is all in the memory and in the stomach. When the two combine now Mercury takes us back on a trip down memory Lane. SOme may go home now, while others will seek out a more perfect Home.

We get to rationalize our feelings or go back and fester in old emotional quicksand. Either you're in the deep past MENTALLY or EMOTIONALLY right now.

Notice your mind this minute - was it previously focused on events in the past in your life? Were you analyzing it, chewing on what has happened or what might happen (projecting ahead based on only the data of your past, another retrograde phenomenon) or were you lost in a reverie emotionally, or fuming at something that pissed you off lately?

Chances are you'll be spending a lot more time dwelling, or going back to the past, or hearing from people (family or friends) from the past who have something else to say, one more emotional coin to spend at your bank. Whether you let them cash it in or reject their deposit it's up to you.

Ask yourself: does it further your emotional safety, feeling of comfort, or does it add to your mental and emotional confusion. Does it feel new and light or old and heavy? These are the ways to judge all situations as right for who YOU ARE TODAY or right for who you WERE BACK THEN.

You've changed - but have you changed your mind?

Our thoughts now are transmitted - along with the confusion or the dwelling we have that keeps hammering a point home. Chances are if it's bothering you and you can';t get your head off it it signals UNFINISHED PSYCHIC BUSINESS with it. You haven't cut a mental apron-string and maybe it's time to do so before moving on ahead.

Don't forget we still have a NEW MOON to contend with and use for our benefit - new doors opening. But how can you walk ahead if you're looking back?

Our lives are doing two things for us now - taking us on a new path, while helping us clearing up old phases. Can you feel it? That's the typical Gemini energy, asking two things of us at once. The old and the new. The present and the past. Cancer and Gemini. The two are tied now.

A Cancer friend recently deleted all their photos and cancer-memories off their cell phone by accident. A great example of Mercury retrograde in their sign, affecting their mind, memories and technology.

Letters from the past, or emails. Phone calls. Thoughts of someone back then.
How does it all relate to you today. Does it? Or is even that an old thought?

Idle souls become pawns in the lives of those with unfinished business now so try and at least keep track of whether you're living your own reality or helping someone with unresolved emotions and thoughts.

on the positive side:

Go back and look at your photos. You've come a long way
Connect with old support systems and friends or family members
Find a new home (but don't sign until after Mercury goes Direct)
Look for new job leads
Finish up writing you're started or brainstorm
Clean up your desk and home (throw junk away)
Forgive, forget and move on (it frees up your space to attract new things)
Be curious - see where life takes you right now, what's it showing you?

We're undoing our childhood patterns and past conditioning now - but to do that we must face the old memory, the old feeling, the old thought that has since then repeated throughout history or our family line to reach us here where we stand today.

It all begins and ends in the mind - after all words don't hurt our stomachs or hearts, they are words that simply drift into our brain and are are translated as wounds.

Stop letting the past (or hurt) get the better of you. Change your mind. Re-define how you perceive things. If it's negative, don't let it in. Or change it so that it becomes a positive.
The neighbors that selfishly shout and scream outside in the alley by my building clearly don't give a damn about anyone else but themselves. Which is why they park their cars with open doors at night and in the mornings blaring their choice of music so that everyone nearby has to hear it.

But now, they do this because I have found a new place to live, because the world has just announced that borders are down and you can travel anywhere. That telepathy is on the rise.

You name it, my mind has been changed. And with that, everything has changed too. It's all perception, it's all under YOUR perception and as such no one has control over your head, or heartstrings but you.

Find that old memory, feeling or thought that is keeping you back, chained to pain, etc. And likewise, find the ones that bond you with love and smiles. Decide during this phase which you'd rather keep.

Maybe this time round you get to choose something even better, to take with you.



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TheSunscream said...

Thank, Neil. That made me think quite a bit about my current state and whether my inner changes have caught up with my outer. Time to reflect.

Question though: When does "Mercury goes Direct"? Just curious as my husband and I are looking to buy a house.

Thanks again!