Friday, March 28, 2008

Astro-Find in Israel

This interesting article crossed my desk this evening and I thought I'd share it. For those in religious realms who 'believe' Astrology to be a negative practice (the "devil's work" and so forth - yes there are still some), I found it beautifully poignant that this 2005 article of an ancient find at a prison site in Israel of a hidden 'church' - actually uses the sign of Pisces as the mosaic floor tile design.

Pisces, the two fish swimming in opposite directions, symbol of the soul's earthy downward direction and swimming upstream to spiritual enlightenment and our 'true' nature. Pisces was, of course, elected as the symbol for Christians/Christianity and is still widely recognized today.

Since then, we've progressed into the Age of Aquarius, whose new symbol, I believe is the Internet (symbol of Aquarius technology, humanity and its connections, electricity and 'brother/sister-hood ...and sites like MYSPACE and FRIENDSTER (friends and space being Aquarius symbols) another reflection. Also, the WWW of the internet, reflects the symbol of Aquarius (seen above).

Here's the article from 2005 about the hidden church and the picture above is of those two Pisces fish revealed.

You can sweep it under the carpet, but you can't hide the truth forever. Beautiful eh?


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