Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Which House is Your Sun in?

So you know you're a Leo, or a Gemini. That's your SUN SIGN. But which HOUSE does it fall in, in your Astrological Chart.

Here begins our first 'lesson' in Astrology - as we peel back the layers of our own Birth Charts. You can get one free at my website under the FREE TOOLS or if you already know then you can go straight to the audio and listen to the Sun in your particular house.

There are 12 Houses. Our Sun in a specific house shows a need to "shine Light" into this area. Some say it's where we didn't have too much focus in other lives, and now it becomes an important focus. Some say it's where we're in the dark and need to learn something. I say it's some of this and more - it's a place we must assert our true selves if we're to ever feel strong and truly alive, while on Planet Earth.

So if you're ready to explore further, and discover a little more about yourself, grab your Chart, find the symbol of the sun (shown above) and then listen to what I have to say about its particular unique placement in YOUR Chart.

Feel free to share your comments or experiences. The clips are only a couple of minutes long so we can't cover everything but these are some of the main aspects of your life according to the Sun position (and remember there are a whole truckload of other placements!)

Listen to your Sun-House position here.


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