Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mar 19: Appearing on Hay House Radio with Mark Husson

Lot of great changes here that I am excited to tell you about in due time.

I will be appearing on Hay House Radio for Mark's Power Peek.

I also will share the new developments with you at this end, so stay tuned.
Spring is a-coming and with it, the fresh, fun inspiring sign of Aries.

But we're not there just yet. We have one more day of Piscean energy. Enjoy the wrap up, the goodbye, the rest and recuperation, and get plenty of sleep in preparation for a new season of your soul.

Check the link out tomorrow, listen in live, we'll be taking calls, or you can listen to the show when it's archived. It'll be a blast!

www. New World Astrology .com

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Diana said...

Neil-that's AWESOME. I love Hay House and am so proud of you. I hope you'll be on more times...sending you good energy all around. Love,