Saturday, March 14, 2009

Part 2: Venus Retrograde: Rewiring Hearts

You can read the posting from 2007 on Venus Retrograde and what it means on a deeper level here.

Where it mentions Venus in Virgo, this is now changed to Retrograde Venus in ARIES. That's where it is right now.

The main themes are 'redesigning independence in your close relationships, finding out who YOU are in any union you're involved in, refusing to compromise your SELF when it comes to sharing, reworking how you express your ANGER when faced with a disagreement and how to handle boundaries and honoring others while not abandoning the self.

Relationships right now are frisky, feisty, and fiery. But we're only coming into contact with more of ourselves, our own nature, as Retrograde Venus takes us on an inner journey of love, to spotlight places inside ourselves we may not (as of yet) feel entitled to be loved unconditionally.

Do it yourself and someone is sure to show up to offer help also, when you may not need it, but when it comes to mirror back to you that you're doing a grand job.

Be YOU, in all encounters with others!


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TheSunscream said...

Wow. That may explain why 3 couples I know have suddenly seem "rewired" and are taking breaks and or separating. Most say for the same reasons, "I need time for myself", or "I need to find out what I want."

Here I just it was twitterpating season!=/