Friday, May 15, 2009

Progress at Last: Saturn goes Direct (May 16)

Progress on our paths. Finally.

Saturn aids our career quests, our desire to 'get a handle on our lives', and in building a reality that truly suits us.

We've all been forced to go inside and write New Rules for living - changing the goalposts, and redrawing the invisible boundaries inside us since Saturn was retrograde pulling its focus within.

Saturn has now gone Direct which means it's time to bring OUT all we have done inside - to effect and enjoy change in our outer world. It's time to change the physical lines outside of us or we suddenly find new Laws of Living thrust upon us.

Expect 'stuff' to start manifesting in terms of your career path, new rules and regulations, a new life structure, a new discipline, a renewed dedication. Stay flexible, bend with the wind, and the climb to the summit is made all the easier now.

Those who have worked hard since Saturn went retrograde (Dec 31 2008) will find the rewards finally arriving. New directions and new respect are found outside, since we realigned ourselves with our inner purpose. Honors, leads, promotions, public approval - all of this and more. A sense of doing well and making a contribution, being a Master in your own special area of life. A job well done.

Those who have avoided working on what was before them, will feel a little left behind,the rewards withheld, and time forcing them to pick up the thread and deal with things, before any sense of progress can be felt. You can't escape what you came here to work on - life always finds you, just where you are. So why not relax and enjoy working through it all one event at a time?

Capricorns & Capricorn Risings will feel this as a major period. Ironing out the wrinkles serves you well. Life now opens up new possibilities, a new road, a new challenge. You can handle it, and now you get to prove that to yourself. Cancers get a chance to work on their relationship issues, strengthening some finally, whilst letting others fade away.

The rest of us feel the change wherever Capricorn is found in our Charts. If you need help, try the Astrology 101 Free Tools at my site to get your chart and decipher it.

Also, wherever Saturn is transiting now (whichever House he's found in) will outline where your specific changes will be.

What do you stand for?
What do you want to achieve next?
What fear are you ready to break through?

Keep your head held high - it may not be easy, but true success is boldly continuing on, in the face of unknown terror, questionable dirt roads, fallen trees and missing signposts.

If you're not happy with your current direction, life opens up a new side road.
If you are happy and seeking endorsement or a universal sign you're on the right road, stay tuned - it's closer than you think, if not already at your door right now.

Saluting your Saturn Soul Success!

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Lua Astrology said...

I have to say I'm very relieved Saturn has turned direct. It's felt a long old few months whilst he's been retrograde! He's currently transitting my second house and definately making me work harder but I know it's going to be for the good in the end :-)