Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What Astrology Already Knows about You and the Ones You Love

Great news!

I am now affiliated with 12Listen, a group of specialized psychics & Astrologers who have been hand-picked and tested. You can now reach me via 12Listen and also tune in to Souls Journey where I'll be appearing on regular shows, giving free readings on-air.

Mark Husson, its Founder, is a brilliant Astrologer I've had the pleasure of working alongside on his Power Peek, a regular show you'd be bonkers to miss at Hay House Radio. You can find him also at 12Listen.

Today is a special day, if you order his new book (can't wait for mine!) you get $30 in free minutes to talk to me or any psychic you choose at the site!!

Don't miss out, order LOVESCOPES from Amazon today, and prepare to find out what Astrology Already Knows about You and the Ones you Love.

Enjoy! And maybe we'll be chatting real soon!


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