Thursday, April 22, 2010

Healing Tears: Chiron enters Pisces

Chiron, the energy of the 'unique perspective', radical approaches and the art of Healing Your Soft Spot, just moved signs: from the awakening freedom-loving technological sign of Aquarius (bringing an awareness of collective causes via the Internet, cell phones, blogs, Youtube and other technological means, and thus a chance to heal others via these mediums...note the collective buzz online of events such as Katrina and Haiti) into the watery depths of the zodiac's final sign of Transition: Pisces, the Fishes.

Chiron was last in Pisces in the 60s and is back now to remind us of the final lesson of Healing - through the wave of emotion that washes through the human heart. Chiron in Pisces (which began on April 20) will bring many of us tears of joy or tears of sorrow, often both, reminding us that Emotions Connect Us All. Humanity dissolves back into the ocean of cosmic awareness during this time. Events conspire to remind us to feel, and that many of our wounds are related to areas where we have distorted, repressed or blocked off our Feeling Centre.

Look around and you may see this play out in your own life or the lives of those close to you - as people release feeling, a softening takes places, and suddenly we are connected to Source. We are sensitized to the Moment. And we learn Compassion. Once we know what it feels like to Hurt, we are in a perfect place to understand the pain of others, and choose to be part of the Grand Healing.

Which leads us to a big question: Are You Part of a Grand Healing or Grand Hurting?

Those who have been hurt are often the most likely likely TO hurt. Bullies create bullies. The abused go forth and abuse. All a reflection of punishing the self (in that what we do to another is ultimately done to the self). But it doesn't have to be this way. Chiron in Pisces, is an opportunity.

Think about how many possible feelings there are. Take the 'cycles of grief' (Dr Elisabeth Kubler). Or the range of feelings in an actors repetoire. Everything that manifests now is an opportunity to heal, dissolve further into the ocean of Oneness, to connect through feeling. Life events (on the large global scale as well as the small day-to-day scale) will give us a chance to FEEL. To see the illusion for what it is, and to remember that behind the 1% madness of the seemingly chaotic Physical World, there is the 99% of the Spirit World, the energy behind all manifestations.

The 1% brings us the polarity points of Pain and Pleasure. Light and Dark.
The 99% is the place of No Need. Ultimate Understanding. Absolute Bliss.

As souls journeying into the 1% to create our own lives, we leave behind the ease of the 99 but never fully disconnect. Our job during Chiron in Pisces is to remember our connection, to download the inspiration and to see the bigger picture. To reclaim our Divinity as Gods in Amnesia.

Cry or laugh, smile or sigh, Chiron offer us a chance to heal any pain, any wound, any darkness through the light of Compassion - for self and for other. No thinking. Just pure feeling.

Tears are a funny thing - and there is a fine line between tears shed in joy, and tears shed in sorrow. Emotions move like the ocean, sometimes turbulent, forever flowing. And it's pointless building a dam against such natural forces.

Feel your feelings, and enjoy the exquisite journey into the 1% that we came here, as humans, to experience.

If you're feeling a tad on the sensitive side, or lost in the current waves, or just want a surfing partner, I'll wade out with you and together we can deep sea dive for jewels. Schedule a Reading for your bigger picture and I'll show you a new perspective.

Life is beautiful. Enjoy the gift, enjoy your Present.


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Anonymous said...

Thanks Neil, for sharing your perpective. I've been allowing the feelings from deep within to surface, come into the light and be healed.