Thursday, April 01, 2010

Ricky Martin's Astrological 'Outing'

Singer Ricky Martin finally came out of the closet as a gay man, a newsworthy story that (of course) warrants some Astrological Research, so for those interested, this is what the Chart says for this event:

We look to the Progressed Moon to see where our current emotional focus lies: events always manifest externally due to internal pressures/fixations/focus. Since our emotions are so strongly pulled while here on Earth, it's a key player in the timing of events. At the time of his coming out, the Progressed Moon had just moved into a new sign (signifying a "new chapter" in life). Since his Natal Moon is placed in his 10th house of Public Reputation, each time the Progressed Moon shifts house or sign, Ricky's career/public self will go through a transition.

In his 3rd House (of announcements, communications, writing) he 'found his voice' and announced on an online blog, that he was indeed gay. The sign of the progressed Moon: Virgo - succinct, clear cut, information. No frills. No holds barred. Simply stated.

His Progressed Mercury (his evolving Voice) is only 1 degree away from his Natal Venus (his desires/what he loves/relationships) in his 8th House (sex, sexuality, secret information). The perfect brewing for the revelation. Which sign? Aquarius - at 0 Degrees, the sign of the rebel, outsider, often referred to as the 'deviant' - someone who does things outside of the norm (of course to Aquarius, there IS no norm).

Transit Mars opposed this configuration, drawing a line and adding energy to the mix.
Mars is another 'sexuality' planet. Second House - self esteem. Leo - self glory.

As always, when events manifest, we can always see multiple factors, and here we have them:

Transit Mercury (messages, announcements, communications) is conjunct his Progressed Mars (actions) in his 11th House (of independence, freedom, uniqueness). Time to express his inner feeling (and need) for ultimate freedom )the 11th house theme. Sign: Aries - the Self ("my way or the highway").

Transit Sun spotlights Natal Chiron
(uniqueness, differentness, rebellion, wounds/healing) in Aries - sign of the self. 10th House: public reputation.
It's time to heal that wound of not truly being the self.

Transit Uranus (freedom, liberation, breaking up stagnant patterns) unlocks the Mars/Moon (self identity and needs) in 10th House - further demonstrating the need to bust out, break free, truly let the self shine.

Transit Pluto (destroying and revamping, rebirthing, sexuality) teaming up with the Capricorn Sun (self identity) to break down his old image and to let his real self shine bright (or suffer for not doing so). Seventh House = relationship. Capricorn = via his reputation.

Transit Mars triggers his Progressed Ascendant (his evolving appearance and approach to life) giving him the firepower to and brushing up against his Natal South Node (his soul's past) - the bringing out (Asc) something from the past (s node)in dramatic fashion (Leo).

Transit Saturn triggers Natal Pluto in 4th House. Saturn: focus, discipline, getting serious about this part of life. Pluto: power, transformation, sexuality. 4th House: deeply personal stuff, family, emotional needs. Life Foundation.

This time is about finding personal power, digging (Pluto) deep inside (4th). Revealing (Pluto) the inner self (4th House) in a public way (Saturn).

Finally, the North Node of his karmic path reminds us that he came here to dig deep and explore unusual (Aquarius) sexual paths (8th House) to explore power (8th) through being different. (Aquarius).

If it manifests, it's always found in the Chart. Hope this gives you a new perspective on the field and how much value it can be.

When something is ready to 'pop' you'll see it there if you're ready and willing to ride with the winds of change blowing through your life.

By choice or by force, from within or from without, we'll experience it. Life is always moving. Move with it, and we find Joy. Resist, and we experience pain.

Which way are you moving with the tide of change in your life right now?

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