Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentine's Discounts

Still wondering what you were meant to learn in a past relationship. Is your 'ex' still on your mind? Finding it hard to let go or wondering if you should give it another shot?

Experiencing difficult moments with your current Love? Wondering what your soul-contract is together? Want to discover where you CLICK and where you CLASH?

No matter who you're with - a business partner, romantic interest, a current "date" or long term lover, I have two Reports for you I am dramatically discounting just for Valentine's Day.

My RELATIONSHIP REPORT will cover your planets in each others houses and much more. Discover where you have overlaps and where you both fill in the 'gaps' in each other's learning and life experience. Find out what makes them REALLY tick.

Relationship Report: Usually $40...Now $25!

My COSMIC COUPLE REPORT goes even deeper. Uncover your actual soul-contracts together. Why are things happening the way they are? Do you have a past life connection? Is there karma still between you? This Report is one of my favorites, with some info from Astrologer Linda Goodman herself.

Cosmic Couple Report: Usually $50...Now $35!

Sale ends Feb 15.

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