Thursday, March 15, 2012

Four New Readings!

A Special Reading designed to help you:

* Uncover your Past Life Patterns
* Discover your Destiny
* Resolve your self-sabotaging behaviors
* Realize why history keeps repeating in certain areas
* Give you the tools you need to fulfill your Destiny
* Answer One Question specific to your Karmic Conundrum

This Reading will:

* Decode your Astro-Purpose - your career & professional potential
* Reveal what you'll be remembered for: for Better or Worse
* Remind you of your Ultimate Strengths
* Answer One Question you have regarding your Life Direction

This Special Reading will:

* Give you a synopsis of your Ideal Relationship (as detailed by your Chart)
* Uncover some of the Pros and Cons of the Relationship you're in
* Show you the major areas where you Click or Clash!
* Answer One Question of your choice relating to your Relationship (or lack thereof).

This Reading will:

* Re-aquaint you with your Projected Shadow
* Reveal your "worst" side
* Explore some of the harsher aspects in your Chart
* Decipher your Soul's core Desires & Wounds
* Answer any question pertaining to your Shadow

All Readings are 15-minutes long and personally recorded by Neil for You, specific to YOUR Chart. Delivered by Personal CD or via email if you prefer.

Limited time.

Here's your chance to have Neil read for you, without committing to a longer Reading - or for those on a budget.


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