Saturday, May 05, 2012

Lighting up the Darkness: Scorpio Full Moon (May 5)

The Scorpio Full Moon is tonight (8.35pm Pacific, 11.35pm Eastern, 4.35am Sat UK time)

You can read more on what this period means in this Past Post on the subject.

I'll be starting a 3-day Apple Cleanse under this Full Moon, since it's one of the most potent all year for releasing, purging, shedding. A cleanse is a great idea. Want to quit smoking? This is your Full Moon to begin. Want to let go of some heavy emotional feelings you've been carrying for a while now? This is the best time for it.

Scorpio is about The Darkness - facing those parts of yourself and your life experience that are "dark" - areas that Lack Light! The Full Moon's light allows you to see a little closer into your heart, soul and psyche for areas that are still dark and still awaiting the Light of your Conscious Awareness.

Feelings are always strong during this Full moon but if you Embrace them, they'll lead you to the place where you can finally drop them, and see them for what they are - opportunities to bring in more Light.

When you go so far into a feeling or an area of Darkness and things you Do Not Want you eventually and inevitably return full circle to What you Do Desire.

I'll be holding a personal Full Moon Ritual tonight by writing down things I DO NOT WANT in my life on pieces of paper. Then I'll write on other pieces, the things i DO want (since they are two sides of the same coin). Then, I'll burn all the pieces and surrender it all. The Universe responds to this sort of vibrational input by aligning you further with what you want.

Remember, although the Full Moon is in Scorpio, the Sun of Conscious Awareness is in Taurus - grounding, comforting, appreciating, building, growing, enjoying. Don't lose track of these energies as your anchor during one of the darker Full Moons we experience every year.

Whenever you "let go" under a Scorpio Full Moon, you immediately create an opening that can be filled with your Desires. When what you don't want is so glaringly obvious these days, can you continue to shine your spotlight of awareness on what you do want?

Enjoy the intensity, use the darkness as reasons to connect once more to your Inner Light, and in turn each time you do this, you aid the Planet by collectively clearing the Darkness of Unconsciousness that has plagued humanity for too long now.

Use the Darkness to bring in more Light, this Scorpio Full Moon!

Your Astrologer,

P.S If you need help moving beyond some form of darkness in your own life, schedule a Personal Reading and together we'll shine some Light on the unconsciousness within your own life.

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