Saturday, April 19, 2008

Digging up your Dirt: Scorpio Full Moon (Apr 20)

On Sunday April 19, the Full Moon lands in one of the most intense signs in the zodiac: Scorpio, (at 0 Degrees 43).

I always tend to see this Full Moon as one that contributes to a lot more crime in the world at large. People try and get away with more during Scorpio Full Moons, but often they're caught or something gives them away. If you're psychically in-tune you can smell a rat at this time, if you're not you may fall victim to a scam, scheme, violence, danger or intrigue.

Underground activity is high this week, especially at Sunday's Full Moon watershed mark - when the shadows increase despite the fact there's a blazing silvery orb full and strong overhead. It's like Halloween all over again, which I happen to like but for most it's a weird time on the streets, which I'm sure you'll see by the end of the weekend.

So what can we expect at this time. Here goes:

Personally: Desire increases. Hormones rage - people are hungry for sex, love, money, power, satisfaction, and they won't rest til they find it. Prostitutes are out in force (sexual, financial or emotional), people gamble higher for bigger sums (at the card table or in their daily lives), people sneak about, and you may even catch some people with sunglasses on at midnight or later. We feel a need to focus on the serious stuff, the things that we want more than anything else. Our bad habits surface and we suddenly get an urge to kill something off - a way of life, or just throwing something away that has served its purpose.

We get out the scissors and cut stuff from our lives.

Globally: The intensification of power issues makes it a volatile time, so we're sure to see someone losing it and going postal somewhere, that's nothing new. But Hotshots like world leaders, bankers, greedy people (which already covers them both) and those dipping their fingers in the pot are sure to have some secrets publicly revealed. I love these times - we get to see, as the public, all the things other people are doing in a Full Moon dedicated to:

Airing Dirty Laundry for all to see.

If we don't air our own dank, dark, musty places, it seems the Universe has a way of doing it for us, under Scorpionic Full Moons. Gotta enjoy it - this week's Full Moon is better than any soap opera. Stay tuned to the news headlines for things that revolve around Scorpionic issues such as:

astral experiences
corporate calamities
drastic changes
matters relating to death
occult matters
outcome of lawsuits
partner's income
recycling - regeneration - reincarnation
resources, other people's
support from others

DEATH comes to us once more - something ends this week in the bigger picture, can we let it go? And can we not get too carried away with things that are ending? We don't need to stick the knife in any deeper, sometimes it's best to simply move on, and swim away.

Other Aspects

This Full Moon opposes MERCURY in TAURUS.

Our hearts and heads can be so divided we don't get a chance to sustain what we already have because we're heated up and want to jack it all in. Things are overblown, made into Life or Death matters when they're really not. Just more intense than usual. Something has to change but we're unsure what to keep.

Messages delivered now seem more like ultimatums or we read them as such. We need transformation yet our minds say STAY PUT! SAME = SANE!. But wait, are we being rational, are we using common sense or are we letting our emotions get the better of us? Are we fearing a loss of power or security? Can we "trust the process"?

The public may suddenly DEMAND an answer to something the press isn't talking about. We're all thinking of money issues, whether it's "worth" it or not, sexual stuff we're facing and whether to dig in, or dig it up or dig our way out. Stay or go? Cash in or callbankruptcy? Is it really this Black Or White?

This Full moon sextiles PLUTO in CAPRICORN.

Since Pluto is Scorpio's planet, we're aided now in any purging or detoxing we're doing. If we truly let go, we free ourselves. If we remember to recycle, we recreate and are reborn. Needless destruction is replaced with a more evolved overview - that fresh insight and new beginnings come from clean-true-honest-emotional-endings no matter how bittersweet or sour, and a definite divide from 'what went before'. Old emotions need tying up, releasing. Forgive and forget. Change your home space outside, to rearrange your inner furniture simultaneously.

This is without doubt SPRING CLEANING month on ALL levels. Start inside and work your way out, or start in your surroundings and then work your way within. Either way, find a way and a new way from there shall be shown.

The Full Moon sextiles SATURN in VIRGO.

Again , reinforcing the theme of cleaning up, take another look at what you're eating, how you're staying in shape and the 'clutter' in your life. Things that no longer work, will give you a nudge, a first reminder, before it becomes a warning, that something is wrong. Honor that. We're being offered a chance, to avoid further fireworks. Eliminate now before things are forcibly removed later on.


Our homes can be made safer (and less burglar friendly) and we can make our emotional defenses just as sturdy, by letting go (Scorpio) or emotional seeds of destruction.

Spiritually, letting out demons is harder than if we just keep them at bay by not playing host to people or energy that is destructive. Stay vigilant to where your own energy and where your emotions are being focused and expressed.

Above all - seek psychic answers, consult the Tarot, learn Astrology, find lost objects, have amazing sex, be open and have a heart-to-heart, resolve debt and financial issues and get ready to Rise Again Like The Phoenix!

Bigger and better than ever.

Exhale. It doesn't need to be so intense. Remember that the Sun is in Taurus, and we need grounding, nature, food, hugs and cozy cuddly comfort.

That'll get you back to centre in no time.


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