Sunday, August 04, 2013

Cosmic Transmission: Do This Under a Leo New Moon

Cosmic Transmission: Do This Under a Leo New Moon

1. Stand in front of the Mirror, close enough to see into your eyes.

2. Study your eyes. Feel yourself. 
Search for the person within. 
Do you feel your own sadness? Anxiety?

Hopefulness or calmness?  What is there?

Take a moment to Be With Yourself.

3. Remind yourself that A - you will always be there for yourself
and B - congratulate yourself on getting this far.  Being a human
 is a difficult thing these days! This is the Astrological Age we'll look
back on as the Age of Rearrangement, Revolution and the Rebuilding of The World.
That simply means things have to change and you may see, feel or hear 
the changes faster. Sound about right?

4. Salute yourself and, no matter how you are feeling,
tell yourself that no matter what, you'll love you, and then no 
one else will need to Love you. They'll just love being with you.

5. Smile. No matter what crap you're currently going through 
(Or spiritually speaking which stuff you have chosen to offload to 
help the lot of us) you owe it to yourself as a gift of love, to 
Smile To Yourself, even in sympathy for surviving hard times.

6. You will revisit yourself at least once every day for the next week. 
During this time you'll see an evolution of your being from sadness to happiness.


Ah, there's the magic.

You were being Loved.
Simply paying attention to yourself regularly,
listening to yourself, feeling yourself. That's Love,

your attention is the only attention that truly heals you and
restores you to Love.

Visit With Yourself Regularly :)

The ends the Leo New Moon "re-aligning with your True Self" transmission.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful transmission. The attention of being with oneself, feeling oneself and Love within to then just be the embodiment of Love. The Age is about the Power of Love. Thank you so much. Love and blessings.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful. This journey is not for the faint of heart and many, including myself, have wanted to bail so many times. The pain is deep and unrelenting but it is posts like yours that gives us the fuel to continue. My heartfelt thanks to you.