Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Cycles not Houses

2015 is the year I stop talking about "Houses" and instead speak of "Cycles" because actually, each House in the Birth Chart is a Process, an Initiation, a Rite of Passage - each segment part of a greater whole. What you learn in one, goes into the next. This is how we evolve.

There are 12 Cycles.

I discuss these in my book Surfing Your Solar Cycles: a Lifetime Guide to Your Stars.

The book was written through me as an addition to all Astrological Libraries as a fundamental building block book to support all further Astrological research, study and practice.

If you were born with Venus in the 5th House, for example, it's the same as saying
Venus is in Cycle 5 - going through Cycle 5 themes and growth challenges.

We now have planets going through certain Cycles, and this gives us a richer look into what is actually going on with this placement. Planets in Houses now becomes evolving Planets moving through initiations.

If you remember that PLANETS represent DRIVES WITHIN YOU, you can understand your Chart from a new perspective (Sun - drive to be, Venus - drive to relate, Jupiter - drive to learn etc). Find out more about each Planetary Drive at the Astrology 101 page.

If you were born with the Sun in the 9th House, you can now say your ego (Sun) is moving through a Cycle 9 initiation complete with Cycle 9 people, themes, opportunities and challenges.

You represent a Sign going through a Cycle.

As a 4th House Pisces Sun, I can now say I'm a Pisces evolving through Cycle 4 this lifetime.

How about you?

Find out more about the 12 Cycles, play around with them, have fun with this. And if you can, please pick up a copy of my book. It not only supports me further in my astrological adventures (and helps me while I write my next two books!) but it also is a killer book that you will use time and time again! It is after all, a Lifetime guide...

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