Friday, January 09, 2015

Not All Signs Are "Good"

I won't be looking for Signs this year but I'm sure I'll see many again. 2014 was full of them! So was 2013. You'd think I was nuts if I listed off just how many and the specifics. Wow! More than ever before. Did you see any?

This year, I'll be observing it all and noticing, acknowledging, realizing and remembering that The Fact That Something Bigger Is Taking Place puts me right back in the magic, and less into what has outwardly appeared (at least with Saturn in Scorpio which was often a nightmarish hell dimension). I'll revel in the seeing of a "sign", instead of the blind allegiance to it as a perfect manifestation of my Higher Self or Destined Path.

We must be careful whose path/signs we are following now. Which leads us to Saturn in Sag as a brave call to Adventure - once more, for those already on the Path. To get Back On the Path. To demonstrate the teachings.

To make real and manifest (Saturn) the wisdom (Sagittarius).

2015 begins the era of the Walk Your Talk philosophy as people demand "Prove it!".
Preachers and Teachers will abound in the years ahead but not all speak Truth from the Universal sense but the ego-voice, ever searching for ways to both empower itself and satisfy it's desires. Don't go shopping when you're hungry! So Saturn caution is called for, in any teaching or story.

In Church, via media, or even in your own living room.

We're all working on the Truth, this year. And thus, in the polarity-world-3d-game we find ourselves in, many will operate under a Lie.

For those seeking soul-peace, it seems 2015/2017 is the gift of all the hard work of perseverance in pushing on through the dark, so that a tunnel and a light may indeed be seen/created/found.  Seek and you shall find. Saturn tempts us to Quit The Seeking, closing us down so that our Belief is jeopardized and our self-fulfilling prophecies take on a darker turn. But it doesn't have to be this way. If we continue on despite of (or perhaps even, because of!) challenges/delays/frustrations/tests....the Sagittarian good fortune will be there. Saturn always holds the ultimate (and longer-lasting) payoff, remember?

How strong and sturdy (Saturn) is YOUR faith (Sagittarius)? 

We don't need anyone to believe in us anymore, and we no longer need a nod to follow our own sacred life philosophy. 2015 offers the freedom to pursue our personal truth without judgment! But Judge they most likely shall.

Just because you "see a sign" doesn't mean you should follow it, that it's a call from your Higher Self, or anything remotely worth paying attention to. But synchronicity grabs us, doesn't it? And when they pile up and repeat, how can we not feel just a little excited that indeed, 'something must be happening'?

In 2015, I won't be seeing anything as a 'sign'. I have the Signs of the Zodiac to work with and there's more than enough information there to keep me busy (plus this is ancient tried-and-true wisdom as opposed to the latest and greatest we see popping up on Page 1 of any of our google searches).
Instead, I'll bask in awe at the consciousness that makes it possible to see that something bigger is indeed taking place.
If you've tapped into synchronicity of late, take heart and smile.  And if you haven't, don't go looking, just slow life down, take time to just "be" and see what happens.

2015 takes a final zip around a surprising corner (Uranus square Pluto's final 7 of 7 exact hits) and we're left with the purest form of ourselves and the range and limits of our personal power, in a world fighting for new ways of being, while holding tight to that which has been built so far.

The tension now is palpable. Wounds must be healed. And they will be healed the more we face Saturn's karmic lesson of Truth with a continued purging of non-truths.

When you see a Sign, it could be a Red Flag, a Green Light or simply a line-up revealing that "something" is being worked out, on a Higher Level perhaps, reflected in the dense 3-D physical world we also inhabit. It could also be something trying to lead you astray. Seeing a Sign, in itself, is amazing but like the freeways we drive upon, life has many road-signs and we don't follow them all. And sometimes, people rearrange them to send us in the opposite direction.  Skepticism is a very Saturn-in-Sag concept, but one that also has its place.

Remain open (Sag), but remain vigilant (Saturn). 

And as always, enjoy the scenery - even the areas you'd sooner rather leave behind than get stuck in. There are many roads leading to where you want to go. All we need do is keep our Destination in mind, and allow for the many pit-stops and detours along the way.

Even this page of your story, even this view, even this chapter is important.

In 2015 just remember one thing above all else:

Don't lose your laughter!
Your Astrologer,

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