Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The "Bittersweet Rocky Road" of Human Love

Love-ruled VENUS is jammed between
 CHIRON of Healing (or rewounding) & the Hot DESIRE of Mars

Relationships of all kinds are all weirdly affected now because everyone's dealing with their own SELF-LOVE issues (or playing out ancient family dramas, cleansing patterns of wounding or hurting and learning compassion along the way) or past-life unfinished business that needs a clear up by playing out (since it all takes place in Pisces, the last sign).

So much is being washed away now, under the stellium of the Fish.

We either get swallowed up in our own personal darkness, or we continue to reach out boldly to the Other with courage and even just a shred of faith because we believe in Compromise and Cooperation. (The basic message of the Lunar North Node of Karmic Evolution currently in Libra). Old angers and the acting out of feeling trapped or breaking free are triggered (Aries South Node with Uranus) but firing every one of us for what ultimate purpose?

Into Coming Together in New Ways. The "meet me halfway" way. Synergy. Win-Win. Not the "me, myself and mine" habits we may have slipped into (Aries South Node) but the "I got your back, you got my back and we'll hash out a deal or compromise at every conflict".

The "WE"....

Alas, on Planet Earth, a zone of Free Will and Accept the Consequences, not everyone wants a resolution. Not everyone agrees. Not everyone wants an agreement to even be reached. Not everyone wants to shake hands and forgive. Not everyone wants to say sorry. 

                             Are you flowing with or resisting moving towards 
                 some sort of Peace, Compromise, Agreement or Understanding?

". A body that is attracted to another is negative to it, and after attraction, becomes positively charged, and when saturation point is reached it is repelled. If marriage began and ended with this series of operations, there would be much misery in the world. True marriage is grounded in a deep sympathy and understanding which has no selfish ends to serve and no desire to satisfy that is not mutual."


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