Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Uranus Pluto Square March 2015 - the Final Dual


The Final Dual

Neil D Paris

We're building to the 7th (of 7) Uranus-Pluto alignments on March 16, 2015. You've probably already heard or read countless times now how these are "game changers" otherwise known as "The Universe rearranging the pieces FOR you" or so it would seem.

 Higher Purposes (outer planet stuff) lie behind EVERY event around this time. [Like the Major Arcana in the Tarot representing the Soul's Journey...compared to the minor arcana day-to-day stuff].

Big Things are happening whether you see them or not. And perhaps Big Things are already happening within your own life, or the lives of those around you? Or just have. Or perhaps they soon will be..?

Uranus = Aquarius = shocks to awaken us to our True Selves and Ultimate Freedom.
Pluto = Scorpio = the breaking down and purging then renewal or removal of that which no longer helps the Whole (be it a body, company, relationship, country etc)

Put the two together in a Cosmic Clash and we'll see in the weeks ahead the manifold manifestations of their dynamic dueling.  Don't forget it could easily be a windfall as a windmill falling on you.

Think The Joker versus Darth Vader...

Keep an eye out for global phenomena: further insane weather as Earth herself reacts to this energy:

[volcanic eruptions, nasty earthquakes, mean winds, 
things falling down, caving in or otherwise crumbling, 
bombs or people 'going off, 
more marches/rallies/protests/revolutions/people in the streets -
and the subsequent 'clamping down' on the rebels']  

and personal ground-level stuff such as:

[eruptions of personal karmic-gunk, Surprise New Beginnings, 
Surprise Endings along with the twist-surprise that 
Some Things Are Not Over, 
                                       they just need re-arranging, re-configuring and upgrading]

You know how annoying computer upgrades are? It's like that but for Humans  - complete with emotions to boot (pun intended).

 Go easy. Even when life isn't. Especially then. Bigger Forces are at work. Remember This. Everyone's having a hard time right now in SOME area of life.

The thing you never saw coming, along with the thing you were hoping for that does arrive, or the thing you hope to see coming (or going)...even this too shall pass. So breathe.

There is always life AFTER the thing you're stressed about.

So "weather the storm" or "bask in the sunshine" depending on the cosmic weather you're personally experiencing in the weeks ahead under this intense alignment/face-off. And if you need help, there's the Personalized Reports (which I personally endorse)  or we can check in one-on-one.

Congratulate yourself on being a survivor of Six Hits from Uranus/Pluto. The seventh is ahead. And you'll deserve an even bigger medal. But you're going to look stellar standing on the podium. So hang in there, it will be worth it

Because busy or quiet, loud of soft, you'll have passed a major milestone in Earth's history.

Til then - let the Pisces Season mantra wash over you:
                                                                  it's all an Illusion...

Your Astrologer,
Neil D Paris

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