Sunday, February 05, 2017

Enjoy Yourself: Venus in Aries

Enjoy Yourself

Venus (love, appreciation, enjoyment) is now in Aries (Selfhood).

This alignment (at play until June 6) facilitates the process of letting us all fall back in love with ourselves, as we are in this Moment. 

For the weeks ahead then, enjoy your own company. A movie, alone perhaps? A solo meal?
Celebrate your uniqueness and independence as you go about your days. Do the things that YOU like. Eat the foods you enjoy. Pursue the things that ignite a flame in your heartEnjoy, admire and appreciate the fact you have your own opinion, your own methods and your own style, no matter who surrounds you and what they themselves like to think or do.

Since no one else gets the privilege of being you, this lifetime, you get to be you.  So you may as well enjoy the job and thoroughly enjoy yourself in the process.

Impulsive reactions along with impulse purchases increase. We can't help but takes things personal, when our egos are so flagrantly on the line. The risk of pain is high, but that's where the sweetest pleasure is. Just ask any moth what it thinks of a flame. Flare-ups then, are to be expected when desires (Venus) heat up (Aries, first fire).

We want Instant Gratification but don't mind the Hunt, the Thrill, and the Chase. Hormones run higher now, thus pheromones too. Adrenalin pumps quicker, leading to people rushing more - notice more sirens, speeding, accidents, road rage, middle fingers, harsh words. Also, Love At First Sign is a fascinating hallmark of this alignment. Whether it's a trinket in a window that you just can't possibly live without, or the sexy someone you must have, caution is abandoned for plunging in head first, chasing what it is that we want. Love comes hot, heavy and fast but attractions may burn out too quickly,

Directness is the winner's strategy now. Flirting too. being upfront. Asking. Initiating. Get the ball rolling.

These are Aries attributes and with Venus the Goddess of Peace in the Sign of War, she has to step up her game to engage and actively attract that which she desires. The shy don't get far, under this astro-weather. But the daring do.  If Venus is manipulating, however, Aries energy could be skewed, using the tools of anger, aggression, urgency and pushiness to get what we want, at the expense of cooperation, potentially sabotaging the very relationships we want.

Enjoy standing up for yourself, but pick your battles. Expect people to come off as pushier, but hopefully with a smile that you can't resist giving in to. We may get bored quickly with what comes too easily, now.

We may even enjoy fighting, to various degrees, as we stake our claim, or our plot of land and defend it with all we've got. Mars, the warrior is also in Aries upping the selfishness that drives everyone to fulfil their own needs.

In the weeks ahead, it may be everyone for themselves, but that's not a bad thing. it simply is an opportunity to make your life more about you.

If you're enmeshed with demanding types, this is the week to take up more space. Stretching your hands wide and your legs (to make a large star shape)  has been proven to "up our personal confidence and posture" if we hold it for a few minutes before important events, or when we need to be bolder and more confident. Give it a shot this week, and let me know your results.

Give yourself dessert first. Play more. Fall in love with you You-As-You-Currently-Are, in the mirror, on the street, at work or amongst friends, even - or especially - when you're alone.
Unleashing childlike innocence allows for a playful energy that draws others nearer and lightens up their own inner boy or girl. 

Find ways to enjoy yourself, appreciate yourself and love yourself in better and healthier ways.

Who are you now? And what do you enjoy?

Be wary this week of the power of I AM - and only finish that sentence with strength and capability.

I am feeling nervous but I AM brave.
I don't feel like it but I AM going to.
No matter what anyone says or does, I AM _________

 Dare to enjoy and appreciate yourself, fully, without guilt obligation, shame or fear.

If you're going to Do it, Enjoy it.

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