Sunday, February 12, 2017

Saturn Predictions Made Manifest & Button Pushing (Leo Full Moon Eclipse)

Back in 2014 / 2015 I made some predictions based solely on Saturn's passage through Sagittarius. Since Saturn represents karma/restriction/limitation/the Law, it's manifestations are obvious, concrete and undeniable. For example:

When Saturn was:

In Gemini, the Twins: the Twin Towers fell.
In Taurus, the sign of the Bull and Farming: Mad 'Cow' disease dominated the news as UK farmland was bought by the government following mass animal slaughter.
In Cancer, the sign of 'Home' and Protection (and the United States itself)Homeland Security was established, in the US.
In Virgo, the sign of 'Health': Obama offered Obamacare.
In Scorpio, the Sex sign: new laws were implemented for pornographic websites.

Trump's recent decision to restrict (Saturn) travel & visas (Sagittarius), setting up checkpoints and talking of building a wall at the border, reflects yet more manifestations of the predictions I made when Saturn first entered Sagittarius, two years ago. 


Let's face it - life is about constantly changing scenery. If we respond to what happens today with yesterday's emotional maturity or tools, we may find ourselves inadequately equipped to deal with what actually lies before us. 

Each Full Moon - especally the Lunar Eclipses - tests our response-ability, as opposed to knee-jerk reactions. How did you fare? Are you responding to life's events? Or has the word !REACT! come up lately in your life? 

That's the full Lunar Eclipse & Full Moon in Leo, still echoing from Feb 10....

I myself reacted...recently, to a good friend categorically telling me something I know to be true from the extensive research I did was not true - years of research compared to an incredulous opinion, held firmly. Only, in this instance, the subject matter was something very personal to me. There's the rub, isn't it always? Full Moons and Lunar Eclipses have become notorious for pushing our buttons.

Personal opinion held fiercely and firmly and often without real evidence to back it up is bias. There's a lot of that going around, right now. We're all guilty at various times. Saturn in Sagittarius is all three - the rigid opinion, the bias and the direct personal experience / truth to validate it.

In all actuality, you could say I do not know with 100% certainty what I have extensively researched is true - because I wasn't there, it didn't happen to me - but when faced with those who hold a strong opinion (with next to no factual information to back it up), how would you feel? This sort of thing is going on everywhere.

Saturn in Sagittarius is kicking up, as promised and as predicted, a heck of a lot of truths, AND untruths - outright lies, massive exaggeration, hyperbolic statements, double speak, preaching, bias - all Sagittarius keywords. 

 Saturn is barriers and there's talk of Walls being built to keep difference cultures apart (Sagittarius). Sagittarius-themed freedom of movement has been restricted (Saturn) for certain races (Sagittarius). But then reading this, you already know that don't you. The truth and the manifestations are self-evident. For those willing to open their eyes and see.

But seeing things the way they really are is a bitter medicine we all must take, sooner or later. We got out the swamps of Saturn in Scorpio, but are we now rigid and jaded because of what we have been through, or are we Willing to be Open and Willing to be Honest; to live authentically?

It shows real strength and courage now to admit a lie. And even more courage to make amends for the damage caused by deceit.

Scorpio games have no place here, anymore. Authenticity demands a strict policy: We Walk what we Talk, we Practice what we Preach. These are the times, then, when we begin to see mass discrepancies between What People Promote and What TheyActually Do. So pay attention.

We each live under our own inner Judge and Jury, Defense and Prosecutor. Be careful who you point at, and what you blame them for, now.

Saturn in Sag says Live it and Thus Present It With Validity or Shut Up. But Saturn in Sagittarius is the person who THINKS they have the answer and those who KNOW they hold the truth..and both can be equally dangerous.

How can we be honest with each other and still get along?

Answer that with the practical experience and application of your own life.

If you have experienced heightened feelings of late or found yourself caught up in the theatrics and dramatics of life on planet earth, go easy on yourself. It's hard not to take things personally, it's difficult to "be in this world but not of it", and it's challenging to disengage from drama when you suddenly find yourself thrust into it. When our egos are engaged, it's hard not to fight on its behalf. But when there's nothing to prove, what then?

The Leo Full Moon Eclipse is the ideal time, however, to Follow Your Bliss, the find that which uplifts your heart and excites you. That which makes you feel alive and joyful. Instead of fighting anything or anyone, refocus back into a more playful, creative state

What can you create out of the chaos right now? What can you pluck from the air and download into reality?

If we remember that we can each hurt each other's feelings, or rather trigger each other's secret inner wounds without even knowing it, as long as there's a willingness to come back together in authenticity, Truth and Trust will grow stronger and it's in this form of intimacy where alliances are forged that nothing can defeat. Saturn in Sagittarius can be the commitment to live a certain way for the rest of your life and beyond

And you cannot stop Ideas whose time have come.

Get busy in the direction of your Truth, then In These Days to uphold the principles that you know to be The Right Thing, the Higher path. Stand behind Truth no matter what. Utter commitment. Daily integrity. Coupled with a childlike sense of innocence

and joy, to be in the current cosmic flow. It's not meant to be all Saturn-weight and serious somber songs.

This Full Moon is in Leo the proud and playful Lion. Each time you carve out Play Time this week, (self-expression time, silly time, laughter time, quality time) you offset aggression, frustration and ultimately minimize destructive drama...


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