Tuesday, April 18, 2017

2nd week of Taurus Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde. Week 2. In Taurus.

The whole money thing is paramount. Are you getting what you're worth? Who owes who? Do you have enough cash for what you desire? The whole love thing. Do you feel appreciated? Are you enjoying yourself?

Who and what do you love and is it time to re-evaluate where you "spend" your affections? 

If possible, be realistic about your financial picture. But immediately get to work on rebuilding a stronger Appreciation/Gratitude/Abundance mind-set. 

Mercury Retograde in Taurus is the astrological chance to re-wire your brain in a more lucrative light.

This is the procrastinator Mercury Retrograde. Hard to gain traction sometimes. Other times we are deep in mud, spinning our wheels because what else are you going to do? Stubborn refusals to give up on something stupid. Stubborn refusals to hang on, when things are just about to blossom. Taurus energy slows to a crawl for a very good reason now: we are afforded a chance to slow down long enough to e-evaluate all choices as Sensible or Silly?

Taurus is common sense personified, so Mercury retracking here helps give us a sense of extra time (an illusion that nonetheless feels real) so that we can see for ourselves the Real Time evidence of what is worthwhile and what is a waste.

Sensible or Silly? Worthwhile or waste?

Minds aren't at peace, they rarely are under any retrograde. While some people dive under beds seeking quarters for laundry, others may be adding up their sum totals and pleasantly surprised. Taurus is feast or famine. Plenty or lack. Mercury wants us to root out the corners of our psyche where don't yet feel we are worth being recipients of something worthwhile.

Try the Abundance Meditation at my book website:  under CYCLE 2.

Find the small pleasures, the ones that cost nothing. Dwell there. When stressed, seek a calm mental state, encouraged by the tuning out of Present Time Noise and Doingness and into an inner state of Quiet Beingness.

Peace is always present.
 We just need to be also, to feel it.

Get sober. Get serious. Get stubborn. Get Security-Conscious. Get appreciating. Get soothing. Get Positive and Pro-active.

Time will reveal so much more, by the Retrograde end - in the weeks following May 3. 'Til then, hold out on any firm and final financial or relationship decisions.

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