Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Aries New Moon

This is it. Time to stopping looking back. So much lies around us, right here right now TODAY. In this Moment. And on the road ahead. Too much that could be missed, without the correct focus and direction. This is the Keep Moving Forward New Moon of 2017. Whatever water has passed under the bridge is South-Node-swampy and deceivingly deep or shallow, Neptune-style and we'd all be wise to rethink retracing any steps that one led dangerously close to the edge, or that once before pulled us under.

Aries battles are often to preserve a sense of self that was lost, forgotten, denied, repressed or abandoned in the previous sign, Pisces. The fight to reignite a strong sense of Self is at hand. This is the Start of ALL the cycles. Solar Cycle 1, if you're following my book. A cosmic call to turn the page and March Bravely on, no matter what.

Bravery will be needed, as always when carving new paths, where none currently lie. We all face the excitement and anxiety of mapping out new terrain, with new mindsets, new actions, new beliefs and new feelings.

This isn't the week to sink into boredom. Find where *Aries is in your chart and which Cycle/House this falls in. Repaint this area of your life. Bring in new vibes. Actively seek new doors of opportunity. Build them, if there are none.

Aries New Moons often get us hot, pressing buttons and stepping on toes, so that we will draw our own boundaries and borders to define where we begin and where others end. Safeguard your personal space, this lunation and avoid unnecesary conflict from those spinning their wheels.

This New Moon coincides with larger forces at play on the cosmic world stage. Jupiter-Pluto are squared, and this is huge. Jupiter zaps Pluto, adding exaggeration to already dangerous or corrupt forces at work, in government, in hierachy, in rules and regimes, in systems and structures. Peopel get ballsy. People call others bluff. Points aren't just made, but highlighted in thick red and black permanent markets. Jupiter-Pluto is akin to nuclear power or unfathomable greed. Jupiter-Pluto calls into question Mafia, Unsavory characters, your local drug dealer. The glitz and glamour of the high life, with all the hidden undercurrents they entail.

Pluto meanwhile zaps Jupiter with a finality to add to its pompous hyperbole. Things get even bigger and potentially darker, if we don't know when to stop.  There's a sense with this alignment of Too Much of a Good Thing and Too Much of a Bad Thing. One thing is certain - things are going to get big, for better or worse. Probably both.

In our personal lives, the Jupiter-Pluto squares demands that we mine our own lives for poisonous roots, strangling relationships, manipulation on any level and underhand and dishonest alliances. This is the alignment people 'sell their souls' under, for the promises of something glamorous, something spectacular.

And indeed, huge wins are found under this alignment, but yes you guessed it. Massive losses too. Bankruptcy, for example.

Jupiter likes to gamble and Pluto goes ALL IN OR BUST. This alignment drives us all on, in various ways that are obsessive, fixated. This is the Psycho Stalker, who just won't stop. It's also the tenacity to walk through the battlefield unflinching to do what must be done.

Jupiter in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn. Are the Others in our life, truly on our side and willing to champion us? Are we following dated models of living for the sake of conforming?

Massive Change is imminent again. This is one of those defining times in 2017, that leaves a mark. How we begin this year will not be how we end it.

This week, remember that nothing is ever the same, no moment, no experience. Despite outer appearances, everything has shifted. Let this knowledge and reminder release us all from becoming imprisoned in the old, even if it's just a mindset.

Keep seeking new doors, never tried pathways, try a new vantage point, vista and view. New possibilities find those willing to embrace the bold decisions to Try It and Find Out...

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